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Top Grade Pine Nuts

Top Grade Pine Nuts

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  • 1.73 EUR/kg.  - from 1000 kg.
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Malaysia, Kuching
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Technical characteristics
  • BrandFactory, OEM
  • Country of manufactureMalaysia
  • Weight10 kg
  • ColorNatural
  • Pine Nuts$2

Good for brain: pine nuts contain rich phospholipids and unsaturated fatty acid, multi kinds of vitamin and minerals, it can promote the cell development and repair the injury, it is the good product for children, teen - agers and old people.

. Anti - aging: pine nuts are rich in vitamin E, it protects the cells from the damage of free radicals, and make a lot of important enzyme in cells to maintain normal function.

. Nourishing skin: pine nuts also contain rich linoleic acid and linolenate, they can nourishing skin and increase the flexibility of skin.

. Prevention of cardiovascular disease: the variety kinds of unsaturated fatty acid that pine nuts contained can adjust and lower the blood fat, soften the blood vessels and Prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis.


Moisture less 3%

Purity 99.9%

Admixture 0.001%

Broken kernels 1%

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Top Grade Pine Nuts
Top Grade Pine Nuts
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