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To buy smokeless furnaces

To buy smokeless furnaces

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Features of activity

The business plan of production of charcoal proves that the this case does not demand the investment of too big money, and also for this purpose it is not necessary to be the specialist in specific area. Also such business differs in quite fast payback. As raw materials different waste at other enterprises which specialize for wood processings, and also in its procurement is most often applied. Depending on the breed used for wood coal creation, the ready-made product has category certain and clear to specialists.


For the organization of this business the excellent decision is capture of the big production room in lease as in this case initial expenses will be quite low. It is quite easy to find such room, to the plant not too difficult, numerous and serious requirements are shown. The main thing that it was conveniently located, in that plan that the lorry which is carrying out transportation of finished goods and raw materials for it could approach it. Also in it all communications providing comfort of work shall be carried out.


Practice of production of charcoal considers that for production of qualitative and demanded products it is necessary to buy the reliable equipment. The charcoal furnace and the chiansaw, the axe splitting axe, and also the meshkozashivochny machine is among installations. However pyrolysis installation without which it is impossible to make qualitative charcoal is considered the main equipment. There are very many kinds of all above-mentioned installations which are presented at the market, however it is necessary to know that the main criteria of the choice are: performance and the price, maintainability (the means and time spent for repair).

The FURNACE SMOKELESS PYROLYSIS "PBP - 25" with dozhigy the feast of gases.

Duration of the complete cycle is 6 days. (3 hours loading, 1,5 days burning without gas, 1 days burning from the feast gas, 2-3 days cooling, 5 hours unloading)

Quantity of cycles in the month 5.

Laying of raw materials 22 warehouses (fresh-frozen) meter or 13,5m3

Expense on the fire chamber 2 fresh-frozen days (burning about 3 days) = 6 fresh-frozen or 3,72m3

Result the 28th fresh-frozen expense on raw materials.

Exit average 2,4t

On the question why I offer these furnaces? I answer:

I am engaged in production of charcoal not one year. Tried different furnaces, from old so-called black, open type which in large quantities used 5-8 years ago, to pyrolysis, the closed type with the corrosion-proof bottom. The volume of furnaces was different 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 m3 too. At the moment stopped on 25 m3 with dozhigy the feast of gases. Itself I work now at these furnaces which I offer the customer. I consider that PBP — 25 furnaces have the row preimushchesvt, about which below. The furnace can look at me on the platform in work.

Main and very important benefits:

· Any equipment demands routine maintenance and overhaul repairs and furthermore at such temperatures. These furnaces are under repair very quickly and cheap.

· Smokeless, with dozhigy the feast of gases. San zone makes 100 meters.

· The fire chamber burns 1 days on the feast the gases emitted by raw materials at the expense of what to be saved the raw materials expense.

· Consultations on project documentation, obtaining permissions: SES, Ecology, etc.

· Commissioning and training of personnel is included in cost.

· Technical data sheet and maintenance instruction

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To buy smokeless furnaces
To buy smokeless furnaces
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