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To buy on-board route computers

To buy on-board route computers

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cars of family:
Lada Kalina.

BOSCH M1.5.4/MP7.0/M7.9.7; January 5.1/VS 5.1 / January 7.2.

Type and color of the indicator
Graphic indicator 128х32:
- ZhKI green illumination;
- ZhKI blue illumination.

The recommended retail
cost: 1127 UAH

The Gamma GF 218T on-board computer became absolutely new, and not having analogs, the decision for cars Lada the Guelder-rose in a question of selection of BQ. The unique form of the case allows to install it on the dashboard at the beginning of the console that allows not only not to be distracted when driving by the computer since the BQ display will constantly be in sight of the driver, but also carries out visual effect of continuation 218T is equipped with the graphic display with blue or green illumination and with a resolution of 128х32.

This BQ by means of 4 buttons which are horizontally located under the display copes that does operation simple and clear.

This BQ quite not difficult, thanks to the enclosed detailed instruction for the connection and operation and also all to wires, necessary for connection, in a set is connected. For right work of BQ it is necessary to connect the following wires: +, - + for illumination, the K-line wire in diagnostics block for data read-out from the controller (EBU), a wire to temperature sensor behind a board, a wire to the fuel sensor for exact indications of level of fuel in a tank.

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To buy on-board route computers
To buy on-board route computers
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