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Thermal paper of THERMOSCRIPT (Termoskript)

Thermal paper of THERMOSCRIPT (Termoskript)

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandTHERMOSCRIPT (Термоскрипт)
  • Country of manufactureJapan

One of key roles in the market of a thermal paper belongs to Mitsubishi HiTec Paper Europe corporation. A variety of the materials made by it covers all scopes. This producer offers a wide line of production under the thermoscript trademark worldwide.

Thermoscript - a quality thermal paper of production MITSUBISHI PAPER MILLS LIMITED in which production the raw materials of THERMOSCRIPT developed by specialists of the company in the unique patented technology especially for increase of efficiency in retail trade are used.

Main characteristics of a thermal paper of Thermoscript

  • Weight: from 48 to 240 g/m ² (own paper - a basis weighing up to 225 g/m ² is issued)
  • Several levels of sensitivity (from low to very high)
  • The excellent image of the press even on the fastest thermal printers
  • Several sheetings from below and from above
  • Readability of the printed text remains within 5 - 12 years
  • Qualitative UF-offset printing
  • Various protective properties
  • Some types of production do not fade within 25 years and more
  • Some types have certificates of FSC ®
  • Some types do not contain phenol

    Distinctive features of a thermal paper of Thermoscript

    Paper differs in uniform drawing a thermosensitive layer, the uniform, smooth surface of a covering providing uniform blackening, pyleottalkivayushchy properties, an excellent susceptibility of ink and a good keeping of a trace of the press. Besides, it extremely strong and heat-resistant.
    thermoscript thermal paper is also distinguished by considerable wear resistance which in total with the balanced structure of a thermocovering ensures safety of the printing head that increases equipment service life.
    Thermoscript is steady against increase of temperatures - the image steadily keeps on paper long time. For all heat-sensitive papers included now in the production program, MITSUBISHI PAPER MILLS LIMITED guarantees safety of the image and printing properties within 5 or 10 years.

    The wide range of standard production of thermoscript is added with various specialized materials, such as the re-recorded, two-color or possessing additional protective properties thermal paper.
    The thermal paper of thermoscript can be made almost absolutely protected from fakes. This factor becomes especially important at the choice of paper for production, for example, of entrance tickets. In particular, thermoscript thermal paper with use special color reliably proved indicators in the market of the papers protected from fakes. The simple drop of water allows to check whether the document or the ticket are original. Possibilities of safety of thermoscript cover such technologies of protection of paper as watermarks, color indicators, ultra-violet fluorescent fibers and the ave.

    MITSUBISHI PAPER MILLS LIMITED has the wide range of flowers and density for all types of a high-quality sensitive thermal paper.

    Besides, besides standard offers, Mitsubishi HiTec Paper Europe develops individual and innovative solutions for each scope, using various variations of characteristics and physical properties taking into account climatic and chemical stability.

    Being guided by an individual approach, the MITSUBISHI PAPER MILLS LIMITED company pays much attention to questions of high level of service and maintenance, at the same time constantly monitoring innovative trends in each scope of the production.

    Problem of environmental protection at achievement of optimum quality - a fundamental task in activity and adoption of strategic solutions of Mitsubishi HiTec Paper Europe. As the responsible producer the company pays much attention to this question by production thermoscript which is made with use of ecologically high-quality materials and observance of environmental standards of production and the subsequent processing. MITSUBISHI PAPER MILLS LIMITED is proud of existence of ecological certificates and awards:

  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 50001
  • FSC ® Mix
  • FSC ® Recycled
  • Nordic Swan

    Scope: tickets, cash tickets, lottery or entrance tickets, bank checks, labels, stickers, faxes, listing electrocardiogram. The thermal paper of thermoscript is used worldwide in the most different areas: transport, gamblings, facsimile message, banking, medicine, trade and t.

    Features of the press of a thermal paper of MITSUBISHI PAPER MILLS LIMITED.

    It is no secret that quality of the printing of photos and color images on the printer in many respects depends on that, how precisely the printer can make mixture of paints of primary colors on photographic paper. This problem was successfully solved by the Mitsubishi Electric company by means of own technology of the thermosublimation press.
    The color rendition of digital thermosublimation printers (thermal printers) of Mitsubishi unsurpassed today the Electrician allows to achieve excellent quality of the image that at layer-by-layer drawing on a special thermal paper each elementary point receives one of 16,7 million flowers.
    The cost of expendables (the photographic paper, thermal paper, rolled thermal paper, cartridges painting tapes, etc.) for the press on thermal printers of Mitsubishi is lower, than the cost of the instant press on the basis of chemical processes and is comparable to press cost on inkjet printers.
    At the same time the rolled technology of the press excludes additional temporary and material expenses on the rumpled paper and provides the high speed of the press - till 12 seconds on one print.
    Due to use of special photographic paper - a thermal paper and the built-in system of lamination, the photo printed on digital thermo or photoprinters of Mitsubishi are steady against fading and have the covering protecting the photo from moisture.

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Thermal paper of THERMOSCRIPT (Termoskript)
Thermal paper of THERMOSCRIPT (Termoskript)
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