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Therapeutic lazery carpet of HA-402U (L)

Therapeutic lazery carpet of HA-402U (L)

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Technical characteristics
  • Output Power60 W
  • Type of laserDiode laser
  • Wavelength680 nm

Laser therapy

Laser methods of treatment - impact on an organism with the medical purpose low-energy laser radiation - are effective and perspective. The main mechanism of laser therapy are an activization of microcirculation, that is improvement of blood circulation at the level of the smallest vessels - capillaries. Under the influence of laser radiation intake of oxygen and nutrients to bodies and fabrics becomes more active. Laser therapy gives the bright anti-inflammatory, anesthetizing, antiedematous and regenerating effect. In laser therapy two types of the laser - infrared and red are used. The infrared laser gets deeply and is used for impact on bodies and body tissues.

It helps at treatment of diseases:

  • backbone,
  • neuralgia,
  • diseases of joints,
  • mucous membrane and skin,
  • ENT SPECIALIST and skin diseases,
  • dermatitis.

Literally after one-two procedures reddening and an itch disappear and to get rid of such troubles as herpes or cracks in a mouth corner, one procedure suffices. But the result from influence of the low-power laser will be achieved only at continuous regular application.

The therapeutic HA-402U (L) laser and the principles of improvement with its help.

The laser is the device which is letting out light in very narrow spectral range of one color. The essence of laser therapy consists in impact on acupuncture points red light with the wavelength of 680 nanometers. Such impact on the biologically active points (BAP) leads to strengthening in them biochemical reactions, and the active agents emitted at the same time positively influence all systems in an organism.

Laser influence of HA-402U (L) does not contain ultraviolet rays as the electromagnetic range of the HA-402U (L) laser is located higher than The UF-range. Thus, light does not constitute any danger neither to skin, nor to an organism in general.

The laser used in HA-402U (L) of the Happy Dream company is the low-power laser - 0,5 MW (0,0005 W). The watt (W) is the certain amount of energy absorbed (or developed) in 1 second. It is known that the human body can transform laser energy to the and use it for cell regeneration, acceleration of blood circulation, improvement of a metabolism (a substance exchange).

Thanks to application of laser therapy there is a restoration of an organism:

  • on molecular (stimulation of oxidation-reduction processes, increase in speed of synthesis of protein, enzymes),
  • on cellular, fabric (stabilization of pH of intercellular liquid,
  • increase in microcirculation) and at the level of bodies (normalization of function of body) levels.
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Therapeutic lazery carpet of HA-402U (L)
Therapeutic lazery carpet of HA-402U (L)
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