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The sprayer 200 liters with the seizure of 6 meters – Veragodna, OOO |
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The sprayer 200 liters with the seizure of 6 meters

The sprayer 200 liters with the seizure of 6 meters

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandD-POL
  • Country of manufactureBelarus
  • Method of travelSuspended

Sprayers Mounted D - POL are used for fertilizing crops Liquid Chemical fertilizers, as well as the application of crop protection products.

The pump does not corrode


The pump housing is made of durable plastic, instead of duralumin, which makes it resistant to corrosion. The pump capacity was 120 l / min.


Ability to adjust the remote distributor

Three - , four - or six section - distributors panels, which are installed on sprayers D - POL depending on the width of the capture rod, turns on - off any of the boom sections, to adjust the intensity of the spraying and mix tank contents. Moreover, the distributor is mounted on the swivel hinge that allows to move it to 20 cm to the left - right and up - down. The convenient location of the remote control allows the sprayer to the tractor driver's seat.



Absence of pressure surges in the system


Due rail provided on the safety valves, pressure surges are avoided system and maximize uniform dispersion. Due to these valves excess fluid supplied to the distributor are discharged back into the tank.


glycerine manometer


Established glycerine pressure gauge provides ultra - precise pressure readings in the system


Ternary nozzle with leakage protection


Ternary nozzles (0, 2; 0, 3; RSM) make it possible to choose the necessary intensity and spraying method: soft spraying or sprinkling. Each nozzle is equipped with a valve which prevents leakage of fluid in the idle state (shut - off effect).


Savings of chemicals by turning off individual nozzles


The nozzles are located at a distance of 50 cm from each other, which eliminates gaps when sprayed, but perhaps individually disable each nozzle or an entire section.


Uniform pressure along the entire length of the bar


Sprayers D - Pol equipped with a membrane - piston pump Tolveri (Italy) or Agroplast (Poland) depending on the models, which provide a working pressure of 20 bar and allow to make from 50 to 600 liters of hydraulic fluid per hectare. air reservoir in the pump prevents fluid pulsation during operation, the fluid pressure at the nozzle throughout the length of the rod is the same.


Equipped with damping springs


Spray boom equipped with damping springs, which are used for emergency folding end sections in the event of a collision with an obstacle.


Unique fixing sections


Kits designed for spraying D - Pol unique fixing system boom sections. In contrast, units from other manufacturers, which are used not too easy to use fingers with locking pins, then apply a practical mechanical locks. In models of the pole to 12 m, they are only for fixing it in the closed position. In sprayers with working widths of 12 meters or more, in addition to this function, they fix the middle section in the operating position, and only the right side in the closed position.


Four fluid filtration system


Sprayers are equipped with four - stage filtration system:
- Mesh filler neck
- filtering element at the outlet of the tank
- self - cleaning filter in the distributor
- mesh in each nozzle


Equipped with injection agitators


Sprayers D - POL injector equipped agitators, which turns the distributor. It is used to dissolve the powder of plant protection products.


Always a uniform composition within the tank.


As standard, the D - Pol sprayers are equipped with a special mixer, which allows to maintain a uniform composition within the tank throughout the duration of the work, at the same time, not frothing it.


The increased strength of the frame stock


Tselnognutye frame profile pipe (not U - shaped, which is used by most manufacturers to reduce the cost of the unit) eliminates cracks in a metal ground voltage. Powder coating with pre - shot peening protects the frame from the corrosive effects of the environment.


gap adjustment system between the frame and the rod


Improved fastening frame to the rod using special spacers allows to remove play between them and, therefore, exclude spontaneous rocking rod in a horizontal plane.


Additional equipment stabilization system


In the base stabilization system of sprayers is not provided. But for use on uneven terrain is better to choose the machine with an additional system of mechanical or hydraulic stabilization, which dampens vibrations of the bar when working.


Protection against the ground during operation


On the boom sprayer D - POL provides special limiters that not only prevent it hitting the ground, but also in contact with the soil spring out, returning the rod into position.


Heavy duty liquid supply hoses


Hoses supplying liquid made of durable materials that can withstand pressure of 20 bar, they are resistant to ultraviolet rays and corrosive chemicals, and the collars are made of stainless steel. All metal brackets fitted with rubber pads to protect the hoses from damage and abrasion in high vibration during operation.


Excluded spontaneous loosening of the nuts on finger


Sprayer has a removable finger attachment to tractor mounted system. Those. it can be easily changed if necessary. Finger fixed nut with inch thread, which eliminates spontaneous loosening it.


Increased filler neck


Fuel filler flap with a diameter of 37 cm makes it easy to refill the sprayer, even from a bucket. Not scattering or pouring a useful composition.


Equipped with tank for clean water


After working with chemicals, the operator can wash his hands clean water, which is in the sealed reservoir tank 25L preventing from chemical impurities in water.


The accuracy of determining the volume of liquid in the tank


The liquid level in the tank is easy to determine on a fixed scale, operating on the principle of communicating vessels. Plastic ball on a scale shows exactly how many of the working fluid left in the tank.


The ability to install additional options


In addition to the basic features, you can purchase the following optional:
- constant pressure valve;
- an additional tank for flushing the hydraulic system;
- Cardan.


Manufacturer: Belarus D - POL

Weight: 125 kg

Dimensions: mm 900h1600h1590
Lifting and lowering: manual winch
Divider 4 sections
Nozzle Type: Choice of single or triple
Tank: 200 liters
Pump capacity: 120 l / min
Drive from PTO
Performance: 3, 6 - 4 hectares / h
Working width: 6 m


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The sprayer 200 liters with the seizure of 6 meters
The sprayer 200 liters with the seizure of 6 meters
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