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The proofreader of flour on mill production

The proofreader of flour on mill production

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Kazakhstan, Almaty
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Proofreader of flour

Our enterprise is founded in 2008. Improvers of "AS-PAN" are made of high-quality ecologically safe raw materials and therefore improvers of "AS-PAN" possess permanently high quality.
Our partners are more than forty big and small companies and plants making bakery production both in our country and in Russia.

The proofreader of flour on mill production AS-PANSuper


The standardized alpha amylase with gemitsellyulazny action for improvement of quality indicators in flour.

Enzymes optimizut gluten tensile properties, improving at the same time stability of flour. The product contains in structure ascorbic acid as the carrier for control of uniform distribution of enzymes in flour.

The highly effective powdery proofreader for improvement of quality of wheat flour with averages and the lowered baking properties (excessively extensible gluten). The proofreader of AS-Pansuperprimenyaetsya in all types of flour. It is added via the batcher on a mill.

At Insignificant rise in price of flour you receive flour of the improved quality which undoubtedly will be pleasant to your buyers.


5gr. - 20 gr. on 100 kg. torments (the dosage depends on quality of flour!!!)


Enzymes, fungal alpha amylase, a ksilanaza, ascorbic acid, a calcium carbonate, starch as a filler

Individual dosage

Bread and rolls of 10-15 g

Rolls (long fermentation) of 8-12 g

Baguettes (long fermentation) of 12-15 g

Flat cakes of 6-9 g

Fungal alpha amylase is used as alternative of the malt flour containing cereal amylase. Fungal about two main reasons are more preferable: first, it is steadier against overdose than cereal; secondly, influence on activity of proteases of the test it is very insignificant. Fungal amylase is deactivated at earlier stages of process of baking. It prevents risk of excess formation of a dextrin at high temperatures that in turn leads to formation of bread with sticky and viscous structure of a crumb. So, the main effect of fungal alpha amylase in splitting of all available starch, including the damaged flour starch at a test batch stage. This splitting strengthens formation of dextrins in the test that exerts positive impact on the volume of pastries and color of a crust. Dextrins carry out a stimulator role for yeast, yeast strenuously makes gas, and thus the volume of pastries increases. Besides, dextrins it is easier, than starch, are split by the beta amylase which is present at flour, increasing in the test the maintenance of a maltose and dextrins which influence intensity of reactions of Mayar — color and aroma of bread. During pastries starch turns into jelly, releasing a large amount of starch for splitting by means of amylase. This splitting reduces viscosity of the test and promotes increase in volume of bread.

For measurement of level of activity of alpha amylase in flour various techniques are used. The definition method on number of falling belongs to the conventional standards allowing to determine the level of autolytic activity of flour. The high number of falling indicates the low level of activity of natural alpha amylase, low number of falling, on the contrary, on the high level of activity of natural alpha amylase. The IDK best value — 60-70 conventional units. If lower than 55 (a gluten of a krepkovat) - apply IDK the proofreader the EXPERT PANG of ESO weakening a gluten (recovery action) if more than 75 (the gluten is rather weak) - the proofreader the EXPERT PANG of SUPER strengthening a gluten (oxidizing action).

The high number of falling can be adjusted addition of our proofreader of the AS-PAN Super flour.

The fermental preparation of a ksilanaz (also known as a gemitsellyulaza or pentozana) influences at the same time both an arabinoxylan, and starch of wheat flour. Activity of this enzyme is shown at a test batch stage, it splits starch and an arabinoxylan, increases quality of the test due to strengthening of a framework of a gluten and improvement of gas-forming ability. The arabinoxylan classified as not starched polysaccharides together with proteins plays a key role in the course of formation of walls of the cages surrounding starch granules. The arabinoxylan makes 60-70% of walls of cages endosperm that gives concentration of content in wheat flour at the level of 2-3%. It possesses high water absorbing properties and positively influences increase in viscosity of the test. The molecule of an arabinoxylan is divided into two fractions by the principle of solubility in water: the water extracted arabinoxylan (VE-AK) and a vodoneekstragiruyemy arabinoxylan (BH-AK). It is considered that water binding ability of these fractions substantially and causes functional characteristics of an arabinoxylan. BH-AK is able to connect water in the quantity to 10 times exceeding a body weight of fraction while VE-AK is able to connect water only in 4-5 times more of own weight. Action of a ksilanaza splits BH-AK, with simultaneous release of water which promotes improvement of formation of a gluten and its uniform distribution. Thus, rigid fragments of a cage of BH-AK do not prevent further formation of well developed structure of a gluten.

AS-PAN Super has the following advantages:

- improves quality indicators of flour;

- strengthens a gluten framework

- increases an exit of finished products;

- considerably increases bread volume;

- intensifies process of maturing of the test;

- improves structure of porosity and rheological properties of a crumb;

Period of storage:

12 months from the date of production

Storage conditions:

In dry rooms at a temperature from minus 25O C to plus 25O C

Packing: Gofro - boxes with a polyethylene insert - 10 kg

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The proofreader of flour on mill production
The proofreader of flour on mill production
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