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The parquet grinder with 206 (Ukraine)

The parquet grinder with 206 (Ukraine)

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Ukraine, Kiev
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Technical characteristics
  • BrandСОЗ
  • Country of manufactureUkraine
  • Category of toolsProfessional
  • Weight68 kg
  • Wattage2200 W
  • SupplyNetwork
  • Drive modeMechanical
  • TypePolishing
  • паркетная со 206шлифовальная
  • барабаннаядля паркета

It is intended for grinding of a parquet.


The car parketoshlifovalny SO-206 is intended for grinding of parquet and other wooden floors, and also for their cleaning of old paint, a varnish and pollution.


The case of the car represents the integral casting made of aluminum alloy with the soaking-up branch pipe and a snail of the fan. Thanks to such design the wood dust which is formed when grinding is sucked away by the fan in a dust collector.


The grinding reel — working body of the car — is konsolno fixed on a conical part of a shaft by the nut providing dismantle of a drum without use of extras. The covering of a cylindrical surface of the reel made of foam rubber with a smooth elastic surface provides a dense prileganiye of a grinding skin, increasing thereby the term of its service and improving quality of the processed surface. Drum pressure upon the processed surface is regulated by a nut and a spring. Free access to a drum is provided with a forward cover which rises easily and fixed in extreme provisions. Parallel provision of a drum in relation to the processed surface is reached by installation of side wheels on alone — vy height by means of the clown.


The machine design also provided a possibility of processing of a floor in the maximum proximity from walls. In order to avoid beats of a drum about a wall or a plinth on a forward cover the special restrictive roller is established.


The car is issued in two modifications: SO-206 — with single-phase (220 V) and CO-206.1 — with three-phase (380 V) the drive.




Rent of the parquet grinder with 206, drum type. To rent the grinder for a parquet, rent of a grinding oborudyvaniye for a floor, the price of hire of grinders on a parquet with 206, I will take in rent the parketoshlifovalny car with 206. To hire the grinder drum with 206, to cheap rent in Kiev the parquet grinder, lease of parketoshlifovochny cars of cues, rent of grinders for grinding of floors, hire a shlifmashinok for grinding of a floor, rent of the grinder for removal of a varnish from a parquet of cues.


The Parketoshlifovalny SO-206 car will be able to process a parquet directly about a wall. For this purpose on a forward cover special restrictive rollers are established to avoid blows of the car about a wall. Than granularity of a grinding skin is less, especially the surface will be qualitatively processed. At the end of work it is necessary to pull out a network cord from the socket, to remove a dust bag, to wipe the car with a dry rag, to remove a grinding shaft by untwisting of the fixing nut.

Country Ukraine producer

Parameters with-206

Productivity is 42 sq.m/hour

Width of capture is 200 mm

Diameter barabana185 mm

Rotation speed barabana3000ob/mines

Tension 220B

Power dvigatelya2,2kvt

Consumed moshchznost2,6kvt

Dimensions of 1150*400*1000 mm

Ves68 kg

Complete set: the grinder with 206, a bag for dust, two keys for a drum, those. passport.

Guarantee of the producer of 12 months. 




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The parquet grinder with 206 (Ukraine)
The parquet grinder with 206 (Ukraine)
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