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Buy The multipurpose device for WEIGHT LOSS and REJUVENATION 9 in 1 MK600
The multipurpose device for WEIGHT LOSS and REJUVENATION 9 in 1 MK600

The multipurpose device for WEIGHT LOSS and REJUVENATION 9 in 1 MK600

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The multipurpose device for WEIGHT LOSS and REJUVENATION 9 in 1 MK600

It is the multipurpose car unites in itself - E-light, IPL, cavitation, bipolar the Russian Federation lifting, three-polar the Russian Federation lifting, monopolar the Russian Federation lifting, vacuum, lipoliz, vacuum + RF+ the diode the laser in one car!!!

Works in 2 modes: the easy mode for the new user and the professional mode.

The whole salon in one device!

  1. The nozzle - E-light - is used for rejuvenation of face skin and a body, treatment of various epidermalny pigmentation and vascular defeats, removals of undesirable hair the necessary temperature of influence on the processed site has to be more 60ºС. Under such condition production of own collagen and elastin begins and there is a destruction of hair bulbs.

    The used earlier laser and photo technologies, did not cope fully with this task. The E-light technology is the latest technology combining action of bipolar RF (reduction of the term Radio Frequency, that is electric current in radio-frequency range) and optical (photo) energy of IPL (reduction of the term Intense Pulse Light, that is high-intensity pulse light) that allows to achieve more effective results when carrying out procedures. Two streams (optical IPL and radio-frequency RF) are passed through the special cooled tip (t5ºC) that excludes skin burns (which quite often arise on the processed skin site when using laser or a photo of systems).
    The E-light technology is revolutionary technology which left far behind procedural restrictions of application of intensive pulse light (IPL) and ordinary lasers.
    The E-light technology is the most correct and sparing modern technique used for rejuvenation of face skin and a body, non-invasive lifting of face skin , a breast, a century, a forehead, cheeks and disposals of many defects of skin. Thus, it is possible to depilate undesirable, vessels a face, pigmentation, to treat an acne, to tighten skin. Power of the device allows to make it effectively, safely and with the maximum comfort.

  2. Nozzle - IPL - Technology of intensive pulse light (IPL™) - scientific achievement which gives the chance to correct many harmless conditions of skin, such as defects of face skin, aging signs, birthmarks, undesirable pilosis, ugly small veins, etc. The technology proposes the safe noninvasive solution, providing excellent cosmetic results and full satisfaction with the received results. This new procedure is called photorejuvenation.
    How the IPL procedure (photorejuvenation) is carried out?
    Usually the cooling gel is applied on area of treatment, and the patient is offered to put on dark glasses for protection of eyes against bright light. The smooth glass surface of IPL of a tip gently touches your skin, influencing it light impulses. You can feel the easy pricking similar to pat of a small rubber tape. It is possible to use the anesthetizing cream, however it is seldom necessary. Treatment consists of a series of procedures which provide excellent long-term results, the minimum side effects. Each session of treatment takes about 20 minutes.
    Depending on quantity of the states subjected to treatment and weight of separate problems, a series from 5-6 sessions is recommended. It is possible to return to work on the same day and to continue usual activity. Division of a programmyfotoomolozheniye into several sessions provides gradual improvement of a condition of skin at very small risk and allows to adhere so valued patients of the principle "To any idle time!"
    In spite of the fact that one lasers are capable to treat red spots, other lasers treat brown spots, and the third are used for polishing of a surface of skin, any technology does not provide long-term improvement of a condition of skin and its structure as it is done by the program of photorejuvenation, at the same time your habitual way of life is practically not broken.
    Photorejuvenation allows to eliminate the defects of skin caused by action of the sun. Enlarged pores, gray complexion and other defects can worsen your state and appearance irrespective of as far as you are young and healthy. The IPL technology improves a condition of both superficial, and deep layers of skin and rejuvenates skin, delivering salutary thermal energy to deep fabrics. After several sessions of treatment it is possible to see considerable decrease in undesirable pigmentation and the smooth, updated skin surface. The same treatment can be carried effectively out on a neck, a chin and hands.
    Photorejuvenation is applied at vascular defeats. The person has an extensive network of veins and thin blood vessels. Time, injuries, sunshine and some factors of a way of life cause destruction of blood vessels and emergence red a streak or spots on a face. IPL therapy allows to get rid of the injured veins and capillaries, deleting practically all traces of these unattractive defects.
    Photorejuvenation allows to get rid of manifestations of a rozatsea. Rozatsey is a state which leads to continuous reddening of skin because of expanded blood vessels and a rush of blood. Also can call Rozatsey eels and blisters on a nose or on cheeks. IPL allows to treat successfully expanded blood vessels and reddenings at women and men, without injuring surrounding healthy skin, leading to considerable decrease in cases of a rush of blood for a long time.
    * pigmentary spots , enlarged pores,
    * bright red kuperozny network,
    * harmless vascular defeats,
    * ruptures of veins and capillaries,
    * scattering of small wrinkles,
    * dim color and flabbiness of skin
    * it is possible to stop recurrence of herpes,
    * and to accelerate the healing process,
    * to treat problem, fat skin with an acne or spots.
    Duration of each procedure does not exceed, on average, 30 minutes, and it is important, after procedure it is possible not to interrupt a habitual way of life as the rehabilitation period is not necessary at all: right after procedure it is possible to use cosmetics and to return on the workplace, without being afraid that traces of medical intervention will be noticeable.
    The result is already visible after 3-4 procedures.

  3. The nozzle - CAVITATION is a modern and reliable method of fight against cellulitis and elimination of fatty deposits. Procedure allows to correct a figure and to destroy fat without diets and operations in a zone of lateral surfaces, a stomach, hips, buttocks, a shin, riding breeches, a back, hands. This method is absolutely painless and does not leave hems and scars. Under the influence of an ultrasonic wave of 40 kHz, on membranes of fatty cages microbubbles which, collapsing, damage an adipocyte membrane thanks to what the quantity of fatty cages and their size considerably decreases are formed. Contents of fatty cages get to intercellular space and are removed. Thus it is possible to eliminate effectively local fatty deposits in hips, buttocks, a stomach and the ave.
    Procedure takes 30 min. Results of cavitation are noticeable after the 1st session – the fatty layer decreases from 2-4 cm. And after several procedures of an ultrasonic liposuction it is possible to get rid of 8 cm of a fatty layer

  4. The nozzle - LIPOLIZ is an innovative effective not surgical method of removal of fatty deposits on problem parts of the body which badly give in to a diet and other techniques of correction of a figure . It is one of the safest methods of elimination of a double chin, fatty deposits on a waist, an internal surface of hips and a stomach, on forearms, knees and anklebones. Lipoliz is also very effective in fight against cellulitis and is widely applied to strengthening and fixing of action of a diet and physical exercises. From the scientific point of view, lipoliz represents process of splitting of fats on the fatty acids making them under the influence of a lipase. Efficiency of an electric lipoliz is based that under the influence of the variable frequency of impulses polarity of cellular membranes in fabrics therefore process of splitting of subcutaneous fat and its removal accelerates changes. Lipoliz is recommended to all who want to get rid of fatty deposits of the small and average size on concrete parts of the body, but are not ready to surgical removal of fat (liposuction). Results of procedure vary depending on age, type of skin, weight and a way of life of the person. In certain cases the result is swept up immediately, but most often changes have gradual character and are shown within several weeks or even months. As lipoliz effectively dissolves fatty deposits and helps an organism to prevent their education, results of procedure are permanent (irreversible). Improvement of a blood-groove in the processed sites and strengthening of a lymphatic drainage (outflow of a lymph) in combination with elimination of fibrous fabric allows to achieve visible improvement of a relief of skin and to get rid of "orange-peel", characteristic of cellulitis. On condition of maintaining a healthy mobile image and the balanced food the received result remains for long time. As lipoliz – noninvasive procedure, it does not demand rehabilitation. Immediately after completion of procedure it is possible to return to work, but within eight hours it is necessary to refrain from hot water procedures. Also within the first week after procedure it is recommended to avoid excessive physical activities and massage. Procedure of a lipoliz on average takes about 30 minutes. Healthy active lifestyle and the increased water consumption provide emergence of visible results after one-three procedures with an interval from 2 to 6 weeks (depending on individual reaction).
  5. The nozzle - VACUUM is an effective way of a detoxication of an organism, a way to clear it of harmful substances, productive addition to any kind of a hardware liposuction

  6. Nozzle - Tripolyar of the Russian Federation - non-invasive rejuvenation of skin by means of radio waves; Active RF - impulses stimulate fibroblasta (a cell of skin) to make natural collagen and elastin; intensifies natural processes of restructuring of skin, synthesis of fibroblast, collagen, increases elasticity of skin, gradually eliminates wrinkles, prevents aging of skin, restoring elasticity of face skin. Result: Impact on skin capillaries, removing stagnant liquid and improving a blood-groove; Helps to take off from skin fatigue and puffiness, eliminates bags under eyes, improving its elasticity and elasticity; Helps to nourish skin with oxygen and nutrients at the expense of what color of integuments improves. Only 4-6 procedures are enough for the stable results progressing and withheld till 2 years.

  7. Nozzle - Monopolyar


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More than 500 devices across Ukraine and for export are sold.

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The multipurpose device for WEIGHT LOSS and REJUVENATION 9 in 1 MK600
The multipurpose device for WEIGHT LOSS and REJUVENATION 9 in 1 MK600
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