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The microsphere is alyumosilikatny cindery – Ultra-trejd, TOV |
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The microsphere is alyumosilikatny cindery

The microsphere is alyumosilikatny cindery

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Ukraine, Kiev
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Technical characteristics
  • Country of manufactureKazakhstan
  • Colorбелая

 Oil and gas industry:

§ускорение process and increase in efficiency of well - drilling; §увеличение service life of the boring equipment; §буровые solutions and grouting cements of low density and high durability.


§сверхлегкий and heavy - duty concrete; §тепло - and sound - proof plates of high durability and low density; §повышенная adhesion of concrete or brick walls, excellent equalizer. §сухие construction mixes, limy and liquid solutions, cements, plaster, insulating roofing coverings and sound protective materials – ease, a smooth surface, low cost, thermal stability, resistance to shrinkage. §сенсибилизатор for use of emulsion Centuries §краски – resistance to chemical corrosion and influence of light, thermal insulation, smoothness.


construction of planes, spacecrafts, the ships - the low density and level of absorption of moisture, high mechanical properties of materials for clearing of vibrations, isolation and a heat - shielding.


fire - resistant materials and coverings, insulating materials.



§производство polyethylene – improvement of durability and resistance to attrition. §производство bearings, cameras, furniture and its accessories – durability on stretching, the shock durability, hardness, resistance to influence of heat and light. §профилированные materials, pipes, plates – stability in a size, rigidity, thermal stability; §корпусы TV, details for a car – durability on compression, elasticity at a bend, shrinkage reduction; §подводные boats, lifeboats – reduction of viscosity and improvement of mechanical properties; §стеклопластик – reduction of shrinkage, water absorption of materials, increase in wear resistance.

Mechanical engineering:

composites, repair fillings, tires, accessories, sound protective materials;

protection of steel structures of irregular shapes in the welding way.

Chemical industry:

crushing materials, defoaming agents, catalysts.

Road construction:

increase in frost resistance, crack resistance and solestoykost of highways and airfields with an asphalt or asphalt concrete covering.

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The microsphere is alyumosilikatny cindery
The microsphere is alyumosilikatny cindery
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