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The GUARANTEED QUALITY - Autoclave Gazobloki

The GUARANTEED QUALITY - Autoclave Gazobloki

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Kazakhstan, Almaty
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The gas-block - universal modern construction material which use allows to solve the whole complex of construction problems successfully. Gas-concrete blocks can be used at construction of buildings of various size and appointment - from small bezkarkasny country houses to skyscrapers, trade and entertainment complexes arranged on a frame basis.
The gas-block is durable, fire-resistant, ecologically safe, possesses excellent heat-insulating characteristics, has small specific weight, easily gives in to processing. Expenses on construction of a cottage from gas-concrete blocks on a pocket to most of representatives of middle class.
The technology of construction from this material does not differ in special complexity therefore the person who does not have vocational education can build the low house of the gas-block the hands or with small assistance. Parameters of this construction material cause considerable reduction of number of operations on construction of walls and partitions, allowing to reduce time of construction and expenses on payment of construction works.
Autoclave processing of the gas-block
Material autoclaving - the important stage improving properties of gas-concrete blocks. The gas-block created and cut on blocks is placed in the special autoclave cells where they within twelve hours in the conditions of elevated pressure (12 kg/cm?) are processed by saturated water vapor at a temperature of 190 °C.
The gas-block of autoclave curing is stronger, gives smaller shrinkage, has more uniform structure, can be used in various fields of construction as the main the construction, heat-insulating and soundproofing material. Coefficient of heat conductivity of the gas-block of autoclave curing - 0,09-0,18 W / (m · °C). Such heat conductivity of gazoblochnny products allows in the Russian climatic conditions (except for northern areas) to put up the single-row external walls from gas-concrete blocks 375 - 400 mm thick which are not demanding additional warming.

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The GUARANTEED QUALITY - Autoclave Gazobloki
The GUARANTEED QUALITY - Autoclave Gazobloki
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