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The frozen forage for Volfiya's fishes. Vacuum packing. – Panchenko, FLP |
Buy The frozen forage for Volfiya's fishes. Vacuum packing.
The frozen forage for Volfiya's fishes. Vacuum packing.

The frozen forage for Volfiya's fishes. Vacuum packing.

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  • BrandАквариа
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  • Type of fish feedGranules
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Widely known and widespread forage for herbivorous fishes, and also for fishes who need periodic vegetative top dressing. Unlike fresh, the frozen volfiya is absolutely safe in respect of transfer of diseases. Main consumers of a volfiya: viviparous and haratsinovy fishes, and also Malawian tsikhlida of Mbuna group.

Volfiya is a subtropical plant from Lemnaceae family widespread in fresh - water reservoirs of North and Western Africa, Asia and America. In total on Earth the volfiya enters the sort Wolfia 17 types. In our country only one look – a volfiya the beskornevy Wolfia arrhiza growing in reservoirs low - flowing and rich with organic chemistry meets. Prefers soft (rigidity 8 °), poorly acidic or neutral water (rn 6,5 - 7). Very seldom and in a small amount it can be found in ponds and pools
Volfiya beskornevy Wolfia arrhiza — the smallest flowering plant in the world. Its sizes seldom exceed 1 mm in the diameter. The plant looks as a small green ball with a diameter about 1 mm. These balls freely float on a water surface, consuming the nutrients dissolved in it. The root system at a volfiya is absent. Consumes nutrients from water all the surface.
Coloring — from pale green to bright green. In nature the volfiya breeds at a temperature from 20 to 32 °C. However optimum temperature for reproduction - 22 - 26 °C. Distinctive feature of a volfiya are fast rates of its reproduction. Under favorable conditions about a half of plants constantly are in a condition of division. Volfiya can maintain decrease in temperature to 10 - 12 °C, but at the same time ceases to breed.
Volfiya — a fine vegetable forage for aquarian fishes. Its fabrics in dry weight contain 60% of carbohydrates, 20% of fats, 10% of proteins, A, B6, V2, S, PP vitamins. For fishes the volfiya is a big delicacy. It is perfectly eaten by the majority of the fishes consuming vegetable food. It is a desirable additive to sterns for many species of aquarian fishes. And for such fishes as, for example, a mollineziya, some hemigrammus, tilapias and others, the volfiya has to be a constant component of their food. As vitamin top dressing the pounded volfiya is also used at cultivation a kolovratok, water fleas, a moina, Artemy.

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The frozen forage for Volfiya's fishes. Vacuum packing.
The frozen forage for Volfiya's fishes. Vacuum packing.
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