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The filter for water purification "The green line

The filter for water purification "The green line

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Water purification from mechanical pollution (a rust, sand) and bacteria
Removal from water of organic and inorganic compounds
Elimination of unpleasant smack and smell of tap water
Normalization of PH and softening of water
Water saturation by valuable minerals (Fe, Ca, K, Mg, F)
Water structurization
Appointment. The Green Line filter mineralizer of 14 liters is intended for tertiary treatment of drinking tap water and its mineralization in living conditions (in the apartment, office, a country house or at the dacha).
Work mechanism. The filter mineralizer operates by the principle of a natural filtration, without use of chemicals. For receiving crystal-clear water it is enough to pour water in the top capacity then it spontaneously will flow down in the lower capacity, having taken place system of the filtering cartridges and a cartridge mineralizer. We pour the received purified water via the crane and we enjoy natural taste!
Cleaning stages
• Ceramic cartridge. The ceramic cartridge is intended for a filtration from mechanical pollution (a rust, sand) and bacteria. Speed of a filtration of a ceramic cartridge makes 0,6 liters an hour. Such low speed is connected with the small diameter of micropores (0,2 microns) of a ceramic cartridge which detain unhealthy the person of a bacterium (diameter of bacteria - 0,5 - 1,0 microns).
• Multistage cartridge. The multistage cartridge is intended for water purification from organic and inorganic substances, salts of heavy metals, elimination of an unpleasant smell and taste of water, and also its softening, harmful to a human body.
Cartridge with minerals. The cartridge with minerals is intended for saturation of the purified water by oxygen and minerals, useful to health of the person.
• Magnetic crane. When passing water via the magnetic crane water acquires the ordered molecular structure (structuring). Operation of the magnetic crane increases the biological value of water, doing it close on a molecular formula to water of natural sources. It is scientifically proved that water with the ordered molecular structure facilitates liquid absorption by cells of the person, normalizes exchange processes in an organism and considerably increases immunity of the person. At the final stage of cleaning you receive the clear and useful water which is not conceding key on the useful properties.
Main characteristics.
• Color - white, green, blue
• The volume of the top capacity - 5,1 liters
• The volume of container with the purified water - 8,9 liters
• Temperature of the filtered water - +5 °C to +28 °C
• Overall dimensions assembled - 53х35х35 cm
• Overall dimensions in a box - 25х30х30 cm
• Weight - 3,5 kg
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The filter for water purification "The green line
The filter for water purification "The green line
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