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The device for reflexotherapy of MEATH-1 combined

The device for reflexotherapy of MEATH-1 combined

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The device the physiotherapeutic combined "MEATH-1" is intended for impact on the biologically active points (BAP) and reflex zones with use of various physical factors - the laser radiation of red range (0,67; 0,65 or 0,63 microns), the electromagnetic radiation of extremely high frequency - EMI KVCh and microcurrent therapy. Application in one device of several physical factors does it universal for treatment of the majority of diseases. Realization of an opportunity at the same time to apply two and more factors, allows to carry out the system principle of influence. Laser radiation possesses neuroreflex general or local action. At local influence processes of guarding braking in a cerebral cortex amplify, activity of blood is stimulated and increases its saturation by oxygen. Blood circulation and a metabolism becomes more active. Tones up power channels of functional systems. EMI KVCh possesses the powerful anti-inflammatory and anesthetizing action. Sedatiruyet power channels of functional systems. Microcurrent therapy possesses anesthetic, anti-inflammatory action, improves regeneration and to a traffic of fabrics, stimulates cross-striped and smooth muscles.

Distinctive feature of the device is:

- modulation of physical factors of influence in the range of 0,1-99 Hz,
- possibility of application of Smart cards.

In addition in the device the regime of deviation of frequency of modulation of electric current providing the mode of interferential therapy and formation of a signal of influence (the confidant's signal to the signal developed in biological system) is introduced.

Use of the device is most effective at treatment:

- functional changes of a condition of power channels when performing a fiziopunktura;
- diseases of cardiovascular system;
- frustration of endocrine system;
- diseases of ENT organs;
- bronchopulmonary diseases;
- dermatological diseases;
- gastroenterologichesky diseases;
- inflammatory processes and pain syndromes.

The device is recommended to be used in the public and private medical and rehabilitation institutions.

Short technical characteristics:

• Frequency of modulation of laser radiation, EMI KVCh and current of electrotherapy - 0,1-99 Hz.
• Deviation of frequency of modulation of ±10%.
• Wavelength of laser radiation, micron:
- red - 0,63, 0,65, 0,67;
- infrared - 0,89;
- length of waves of EMI KVCh - 4,9; 5,6; 7,1.
• The maximum value of current of electrotherapy, a mk - 900.
• The device provides installation of duration of procedures, from 1 to 99 min.
• The device works from the alternating current main with a frequency of 50 Hz and a voltage of 220 V.
• Power consumption is no more than 30 W.

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The device for reflexotherapy of MEATH-1 combined
The device for reflexotherapy of MEATH-1 combined
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