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The CA 40-250 welding machines on PND to a pipe – TD EVEREST (TD EVEREST), TOO |
Buy The CA 40-250 welding machines on PND to a pipe
The CA 40-250 welding machines on PND to a pipe

The CA 40-250 welding machines on PND to a pipe

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Technical characteristics
  • Country of manufactureChina
  • ColorGray-blue
  • Power consumption3,85 kW
  • Input Voltage220 V

Butt welding of polyethylene and polypropylene pipes has huge value for housing and public utilities and the industry now. Unlike metal, polyethylene pipes cook under other conditions and other ways dictated by feature of the applied material. The devices of butt welding using a butt method of a fastening of pipes with each other are used to welding of pipes from PND.

The device of butt welding of pipes of the leading plant of China on production of the industrial equipment of the Golden Welding company, provides uniform and high - quality welding of pipes of any diameter, depending on technical parameters of the device. The essence of process of welding consists in uniform heating of the prepared surfaces of pipes and the subsequent connection under pressure of their end faces. At the same time the used butt welding cars allow to achieve durability of a seam surpassing durability of pipes.
Devices of butt welding provide uniform heating and fusion of end faces of ottsentrovanny pipes by means of the heating element called by a welding mirror. After fusion of end faces, the welding mirror as fast as possible is removed from a welding zone, and end faces of pipes nestle to each other with the certain effort chosen according to welding tables for each type of the size of a polyethylene pipe. As a result, polymer thickness in the place of welding turns out bigger, than thickness of all pipe, as leads to essential increase in durability of a pipe on a joint. Cars of butt welding at the same time perform function of the centering and controlling mechanisms allowing to simplify significantly work of the operator of welding, especially when welding pipes of big diameters.
Welding machines are carried out with mechanical and hydraulic control. The first are intended for welding of pipes of small diameter when quality of welding and durability of a seam do not play an essential role. It can be free - flow pipes of water supply and the sewerage, and also any other types of pipes with low operational requirements. In view of lack of difficult automatic equipment, such device of butt cooking costs little relatively and is suitable for application in workshops and on small buildings.
Devices of butt welding "Golden Welding" of the RJQ brand which are used almost everywhere on buildings and when making water supply systems including pressure head, treat the category of semi - automatic. Such butt welding cars allow to weld pipes with a diameter up to 1200 mm and provide complete control of process of welding. Such devices is the integral attribute when welding plastic pipes today, allow to achieve tremendous productivity, providing dense and strong connection of pipes from almost any plastic polymers.
The RJQ - 250 welding machine (in our CA 250 catalog)

Name Characteristic
Equipment model RJQ - 250
Materials PE (polyethylene) of PP (polypropylene)
PVDF (Polivinilden - ftorid)
Maximum diameter 40, 63, 90, 110, 125, 140, 160, 180, 200, 225, 250
Ambient temperature - 5〜45 °C
Entrance tension 〜220V 土 10% , 50 Hz
Power 3. 85kW
Including: heating plate 2,1kW
Mill 1.0kW
Hydraulic tank 0. 75 kW
The most high temperature on a covering surface 270 °C
Covering surface temperature ±5 °C
Hydraulic oil 40〜50 (вязкость)mm2/s, 40 °C
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The CA 40-250 welding machines on PND to a pipe
The CA 40-250 welding machines on PND to a pipe
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