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Buy The activator of water "Is live-3" (3 liters)
The activator of water "Is live-3" (3 liters)

The activator of water "Is live-3" (3 liters)

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Ukraine, Zaporozhe
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Technical characteristics
  • BrandЖива
  • Country of manufactureUkraine
  • Время активации30-40 мин
  • Потребляемая мощность150 Ватт (Зависит от жесткости воды).

Advantages before other producers:

1)     The acceptable cost.

2)     High reliability! All details in the electrical circuitry are used with the overestimated parameters

3)     The cheap cost of a replaceable electrode (a bystry zamnena of an electrode - "unscrewed and twisted").

Characteristics of the device:

The reliable scheme of the limiter of current, works with water of any rigidity.

The thermostat for autoshutdown at achievement of temperature of readiness.

The anode – Silicon or a graphite electrode of the MPG-7 brand. (depends on the order)

                                 (a bystry zamnena of an electrode - "unscrewed and twisted")

The cathode - Food stainless steel (is not dissolved).

Capacities - Food polypropylene.

Sack in dividing capacity - cotton filtrotkan.

The average time of one activation - 30 min. (3 liters (2,2 liters live and 0,8 liters of dead water)).

Power – 150 Watts (Depends on hardness of water).

Complete set – the Device, the maintenance instruction, the booklet about properties of live and dead water, the appendix with recommendations about application, dividing capacity for anolyte + a sack.



Across Ukraine transfer through: "New mail", Intaym, Ukrpochta

To Russia: through Ukrpocht

The water activator, it is the water ionizer, is the fine tool providing not only water purification from impurity, salts, metals, etc., but also disinfects and ionizes water, dividing it into alkaline (live) and acidic (dead) water.

For those who chose a healthy lifestyle, water activators the longevity tool in the technocratic world of harmful radiations.

The activator of water "Is live-3" (catholyte) and 0,8 liters of "dead" water produces 2,2 liters of "Live" water (anolyte). "Dead" water is a natural bactericide, perfectly heals wounds, treats viral diseases, disorders of a GIT, an ulcer, joint pain, normalizes pressure, etc.

"Live" water, being the most powerful antioxidant, gives energy, clears intercellular space of an organism of slags, dissolves stones, dilutes blood, causes the general improvement of an organism.

It is known that drugs do not treat, and temporarily heal. The organism recovers and regenerates itself as soon as to clear it of slags.

The activator also performs function of the filter. The device by electrolysis causes settling out of the impurity which are in water (salts, metals, etc.).

Keywords: the water activator, live and dead water, the electroactivator, the electro activator, the electrolyzer, the filter for water, a water purifier, a water cleaner, the water ionizer, a catholyte, anolyte, health and longevity, cleaning of an organism, cleaning of slags, a medicine chest, Water of life, dead water, the filter the activator.


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The activator of water "Is live-3" (3 liters)
The activator of water "Is live-3" (3 liters)
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