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Testodelitel three-chambered "Voskhod-TD-3M

Testodelitel three-chambered "Voskhod-TD-3M

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Ukraine, Zhitomir
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Name of parameter Value of parameter
Capacity of the bunker, kg 250
Mass of dough products, kg 0,05 - 0.4
Otn. error of division, % no more
- dough products weight to 0,2kg ±3
- dough products weight St. 0,2kg ±2
Productivity, piece/p (piece/min.) 1620-3780 (27-63)
Number. power consumption, kW 1,69
Number. tension, In 1NPE ~ 220
Current sort, frequency of current, Hz Variable, 50
Overall dimensions, mm, no more:
- length (when unloading to the right / to the left) 1191 / 1182
- width 2186
- height 1778
Mass of testodelitel, kg 720

Dough dividers of "Voskhod-TD-2M" and "Voskhod-TD-3M" (testodelitel) are intended for "careful" scaling dough on preparations of identical weight:

- from rye-wheat flour with the content of rye flour to 50%, humidity no more than 50%, except for scalded grades - from wheat flour humidity from 40%, and also the test humidity from 37% with sugar content and fat not less than 12% Are applied to production: square and toppling bread of bakery goods, including melkoshtuchny ("Voskhod-TD-3") Are recommended for operation as a part of product lines, on sites on production of the wide range of high-grade products at the enterprises of the baking industry.

Provide to Testodeliteli high precision of the scaling dough prepared with use of the straight, basic and accelerated technologies of testoprigotovleniye.

Operation of testodelitel of "Voskhod-TD-2M" and "Voskhod-TD-3M" is possible in production lines of the preparations of bakery products completed with the equipment "Rising": dough rounding machines of "Voskhod-TO-4", "Voskhod-TO-5", by testozakatochny cars "Voskhod-TZ-4M", "Voskhod-TZ-3M", by the bagetoformuyushchy car "Voskhod-TZ-5", first proofing cases "Breeze plus" or equipment of the leading European producers. Profitability, safety, convenience and reliability in operation are provided: delivery of dough products with identical intervals protection against jamming by means of the replaceable collapsing elements the automatic dot double-circuit lubrication system working in economy mode, oil pressure in which is created by the plunger pump, low consumption of oil - 200 ml. on 500 cycles of the delitelny mechanism (i.e. on 1000 preparations in "Voskhod-TD-2M" and 1500 preparations in "Voskhod-TD-3M")
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Testodelitel three-chambered "Voskhod-TD-3M
Testodelitel three-chambered "Voskhod-TD-3M
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