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Tapinauchenius Gigas

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Ukraine, Nikolaev
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Technical characteristics
  • Country of manufactureUkraine
Conditions of keeping 22-26 °C - temperature, 78-83% - humidity, a substratum of 2 - 5 cm, the basis for construction of a nest is necessary.
Character very fast, can show aggression.
Feeding standard, for an adult individual - large insects.
General information wood type, habitat French Guiana.

At "early age" the paunch of a spider is decorated with a black-yellow strip, legs brightly orange with black points on the ends, but this amusing coloring turns into gentle salmoncolored coloring, his second name "orange chevron". The spider very fast and very active, often moves, examines a terrarium, it is necessary to be careful when feeding and cleaning - the spider can leave the space and encroach on your territory))). Spins tubular corridors with pockets, some individuals interweave soil pieces, some build minks in a substratum and dopletat a web from above, attaching it to branches. The web very thin and transparent, but, despite it a spider quickly reacts to production even if it in an opposite corner of a terrarium. The terrarium has to be vertical type, with a basis for construction of a nest (bark, branches, a liana, etc.) the container with water and control over humidity is obligatory. The adult individual reaches 4 - 4,5sm, in a big way legs to 10 cm. Puberty: males-1 year, females of 1,5 - 2.

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Tapinauchenius Gigas
Tapinauchenius Gigas
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