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Tape saw of Z 5 Ec

Tape saw of Z 5 Ec

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandMafell
  • Country of manufactureGermany

The Opisaniye:ruchny tape saw of Z 5 Ec is innovative continuation of a legendary saw of model Z 3. It bribes the lower weight – 13,7 kg (thanks to the powerful CUprex engine and magnesian molding), the increased power, higher torque and excellent controllability.
Guides of a saw tape on bearings provide the excellent course of a saw tape and, as a result, an optimum cut. The saw tape with a maximum width of 8 mm provides optimum flexibility at cutting out of the rounded-off elements and at figured cutting out of runs and rafters.
During the work with thick preparations depth spent on drink at compact Z 5 Ec can reach 305 mm. The precision accuracy characteristic of a hand tape saw from MAFELL, in model Z 5 Ec also allows to receive excellent quality and perpendicular cuts.
The air cooling the powerful engine is used for an obduv of the line of a marking. As a result – lack of sawdust in the top part of a saw and always perfectly visible marking. The Preimushchestvo:zubchaty notch on the back party of a saw tape promotes an easy conclusion of a saw tape from spent on drink, it is even easier to execute it with blocking of a tape a mechanical brake.
The sprung lower wheel promotes a preliminary tension of a tape and its fast replacement.
The switch with protection against any inclusion.
Only rotary guide of a saw tape in the world. Areas ispolzovaniya:prodolny and cross cuts
Shaped cuttings, cuttings on a template
wedge-shaped cuttings
cuts of angular rafters, slanting wedge-shaped cuts
The processed material: Natural wood, glued bar. Technical dannye:glubina of a cut of 305 mm
Angle of rotation of the right side of a tape 0 – 30 °
Speed of idling 650 – 1550 1/mines
Rated power is 2250 W
Weight is 13,6 kg
Universal engine 230 V/50 Hz.

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Tape saw of Z 5 Ec
Tape saw of Z 5 Ec
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