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System for carrying out stress tests of Cubestress

System for carrying out stress tests of Cubestress

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Technical characteristics
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System for carrying out a stress-testovsubestress

cubestress is a complex system for professional management of the electrocardiogram load test. It includes the hardware and the software necessary for carrying out such type of researches, and also stationary bicycles or tredmilla of production CARDIOLINE. Besides the cubestress system can be connected to programmatically compatible stationary bicycle or a tredmill of other producer.

In sistemucubestress all standard procedures of carrying out a stress test are integrated:

üснятие and display of 12 standard assignments of an electrocardiogram in realnomvremen on the computer monitor

üуправление the stationary bicycle or terdmilly in real time with a possibility of listing of the cardiogram in the course of test

üавтоматическая archiving and listing of the final report

Main features of the software of cubestress:

cubestress allows the user to use fully all graphic opportunities of Windows at all stages of carrying out load electrocardiograms researches. Thanks to existence of the convenient menu and the hot keys to work with the program easily and quickly.

cubestress consists of several sections through which the user can control all opportunities of the program at the same time: from simple display and tracking of an electrocardiogram in real time in various formats to control of stationary bicycles, tredmilla and system of automatic measurement HELL.

cubestress consists izpyat of the main user sections which are developed for focusing of attention of the user on certain aspects of the test:

§Раздел Average values gives the chance of display of 12 assignments through visualization of average values, showing amplitude and a deviation of the ST segment, and viewing of the assignments chosen by the user for what in real time the increased average complex and a ritmovy strip is displayed. During
carrying out the load test and phase of restoration, the increased average complex automatically is combined with the corresponding average complex received during a phase of preliminary loading for more effective assessment of changes in the ST segment

§Раздел ST and a QT segment concentrates to a naanaliza of the QT and ST segments and allows the user to perform measurements directly on the separate complex displayed in an enlarged view on the computer screen. The section ST-QT-is ideally suited for setting up the report on the carried-out test already in a final stage of restoration, in too time constantly controlling a condition of the patient by means of viewing of an electrocardiogram in real time.

§Раздел A trend shows several schedules displaying dynamics of change of essential parameters during all test such as ChSS, AD, level of loading of an ergometr, double work. The analysis of a trend of ST is shown on 12 assignments with use of innovative technology of visualization and features ON cubestress. They combine amplitudes and deviations on each assignment with use of a certain color coding, providing immediate and informative display of the ST segment for each channel. On the screen in the constant mode the electrocardiogram in real time for ensuring safe monitoring of the patient is displayed.

§Раздел The electrocardiogram shows an electrocardiogram signal and its average complexes in real time; for each average complex of value of amplitudes of a point J+80 of ms or J+60 of ms and a deviation of the ST segment are calculated and displayed on the computer screen. The user can look at all 12 standard assignments or choose one or several assignments for viewing, and also to change their amplitude and speed

§Раздел Rrotobrazhayet electrocardiogram in various formats, and also to RR takhogramm

The section of viewing of an electrocardiogram is submitted by three windows displaying 12 channel electrocardiogram in real time. In the top window of the section the cardiogram of research in a format of full disclosure, and in the lower window, in 12 a channel format is submitted, the chosen research site is displayed. In the third window the user can check the data of the test received at its various stages.

All sections give the chance of listing in automatic (the 10th second record) and in a manual format, using a laser and/or thermal printer, depending on a configuration of system.

Heart rate, percent from the submaximum theoretical ChSS, value of arterial pressure, double work, METS, and also the protocol of the course of the test are displayed in the right part of the screen in all sections.

The analysis in the blow-for-blow mode

Efficiency and productivity of analysis algorithms in combination with computing
provide with opportunities of computers of the last generation exact implementation of the analysis and allow to carry out it in real time.
automatically starts and updates in real time the following types of calculations:

Calculation of heart rate;

Calculation of a theoretical maximum level of ChSS, as a percentage;

Calculation of METS;

Calculation of double work;

Calculation of amplitudes of a point of J, J + 60 and J + 80 on 12 assignments;

Calculation of peak amplitudes of peak of R and peak of S for 12 assignments;

Calculation of duration of an interval of QT, QTc, QTa, QT2a for 12 assignments;

Analysis of arrhythmias.

All settings can be individually configured by the user for display and listing. The configured settings remain as a system configuration.

Control of stationary bicycles and tredmilla

cubestress allows to operate automatically a large number of compatible medical stationary bicycles or racetracks, to check values of loading according to the set load protocol of a stress test, and also to manually make changes in the course of carrying out a stress test.

Management of protocols of a stress test

Initially in the program the most widespread and often used protocols for stationary bicycles and tredmill are already established. However cubestress includes the appendix intended for creation of the user protocols for a stress research. By means of this appendix the user can create protocols, necessary for it, for stationary bicycles or tredmill which are automatically added to the list available in the cubestress program.

Compatible electrocardiographs

The cubestress system is compatible with computer CARDIOLINEcubeecgbt cardiographs (to wireless bluetooth connection with the personal computer) or cubeecgusb (with wire USB connection with the personal computer).

Technical characteristics
Registration of an electrocardiogram By means of the 12-channel computer clickecgbt/clickecgusb electrocardiograph
Computer On demand
Operating system Microsoft Windows 7, 8
Cart On demand
Printer On demand
Analysis of the ST segment The independent and simultaneous analysis of the ST segment on 12 standard assignments; maximum decrease / rise in the ST segment, ST trends
Alarms Arrhythmias, bad contact of electrodes, control of connection with the electrocardiograph and stationary bicycle / tredmillom.
Press Automatic or manual press; the set press each 1 minute, 3 minutes, each step, each phase, on demand
Press formats 12 channels + average, 6+6+ average, 12 channels, 6+6
Management ergometry Completely automatic. Big list of compatible stationary bicycles and tredmill of various producers.
Management of protocols of a stress test The big list of the protocols which are already available in the program. An opportunity to create and keep the user protocols for stationary bicycles and tredmill
Report format for the press It is adjusted by the user
Saving the obtained data of a stress test Automatic full-size preservation in the database (a standard complete set), preservation on DVD disks (optionally)
Network connection Possibility of connection to a local network and creation of the general database with other workstations equipped with the software of CUBE
Sending report In the PDF, XML, TXT formats, by e-mail the attached file

Delivery set:

Standard set of delivery
Name Quantity, piece.
The 12-channel computer clickecgbt/clickecgusb electrocardiograph (with a standard set of delivery) 1
Disk with the software of Cardiolinecubestressi USB a key for activation of the program 1
Additional equipment
Name Quantity, piece.
Stationary bicycle / tredmill 1
Personal computer 1
Special cart 1
Vacuum system of fixing of electrodes 1
Laser printer 1
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System for carrying out stress tests of Cubestress
System for carrying out stress tests of Cubestress
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