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Meal sunflower is the by - product by production of vegetable oils received after pressing and extraction of seeds of oil - bearing crops (at the same time in meal e residual oil about 1,5 - 2% contain).

Is a valuable forage as a part of which 30 - 43% of a crude protein, a rich set of amino acids, in particular high content of methionine which favorably influences growth and development of young growth contain.

In comparison with cake in meal there is slightly more crude protein, but it is less than fat - no more than 1,5% . Content of pod makes no more than 16% (cakes and without pod are produced). Sunflower meal is rich niatsiny, Riboflavinum, well - cared, with biotin, pantothenic acid and a pyridoxine. In addition to it it is an excellent source of vitamin E.

It is applied on the fodder purposes of animals, birds, fishes. It is used in pure form, and also as additive in compound feed. Contains up to 43% of a digestible protein. Sunflower meal increases efficiency of animals, improves quality of livestock production. Increases the content of fat in milk and a daily yield of milk of cows.

Sunflower meal finds broad application in feeding of a bird. The day age begins to use these raw materials for chickens from 7 - 14. Big advantage of sunflower meal is its resistance to defeat by mycotoxins, and, therefore, and the minimum possibility of damage connected with risk factors which accompany sunflower meal to a lesser extent, than other forages. For poultry farming meal with smaller amount of pod has fodder value.

Feeding of laying hens sterns on the basis of sunflower meal with the high level of cellulose (20% ) was expressed in considerable reduction of consumption of a forage and a day set of weight. It is at the moment possible to include sunflower meal (from 50 to 100% ) instead of soy in the forages made for chickens layers and broilers.

Sunflower meal is rich with a protein, and also has the same high availability of amino acids as well as soy meal - cotton and rape cakes considerably concede sunflower on this indicator. In it there are no anti - nutritious factors that gives to this meal additional benefit before the others. One of shortcomings of sunflower meal is that it contains a small amount of a lysine which is easy for raising additional introduction of this substance.

To young growth of cattle sunflower meal is given on 1 - 1,5 kg, cows — on 2,5 - 4, to pigs — 0,5 - 1,5 kg. It is necessary to feed it in a dry form after crushing or moistened shortly before distribution by an animal. The ground meal long is not stored, it is hygroscopic, and if humidity is increased, triglycerides of fatty acids under the influence of enzymes decay on glycerin and fatty acids which change under the influence of the developing bacteria and pleseny with allocation of extremely unpleasant smell subsequently.

Soy protein is well acquired by an organism and on biological value approaches squirrels of an animal origin. High content of energy and a protein in meal allows to make high - protein and high - energy diets without use of expensive fats. Soy meal is used on a forage to all animal species, birds, fishes as in pure form, and as a part of compound feeds.

Quality indicator Value
Normative document GOST 11246 - 96
Appearance granulated, a scattering
Smell peculiar to sunflower meal
Color gray various shades
M of of crude fat in terms of a. s. v. , no more than a % 1,5
M of of the general ashes in terms of a. s. v, no more than a % 6,5
M of of moisture and volatiles, % . 7 - 10
M of of a crude protein in terms of a. s. v. , not less than a % 39
M of of crude cellulose in terms of a. s. v. , no more than a % 23
The general power nutritiousness in a. s. v. , k. a. , not less 0,968
Country of origin Ukraine
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Sunflower meal
Sunflower meal
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