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Buy STH caprolactam - E for hromatogr. (3gr)
STH caprolactam - E for hromatogr. (3gr)

STH caprolactam - E for hromatogr. (3gr)

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STH caprolactam - E for hromatogr. (3gr)
Caprolactam (hexahydro - 2H - azepine - 2 - it) — cyclic amide (lactam) of ε - aminocapronic acid of acid, colourless crystals; Τкип = 262,5 °C, Τпл = 68 — 69 °C. White crystals, well soluble input, alcohol, ether, benzene. Caprolactam — cyclic amide of ε - aminocapronic acid of acid. In the industry for production of caprolactam as feed stock serves benzene. When heating in the presence of small amounts of water, alcohol, amines, organic acids and some other connections the caprolactam will be polymerized with formation of polyamid resin from which receive voloknokapron.

Aqueous solutions of acids and alkalis cause hydrolysis of caprolactam to acid ε - aminocapronic acid.

As of January, 2014, caprolactam — the only substance entered by agency on studying of cancer in the list of not cancerogenic substances.

The caprolactam is used, generally for receiving polyamide plastics, fibers. The main part of world consumption is the share of threads and fibers, significant amount is consumed also in production of constructional plastic. Other volume is used for production of packaging films and other materials.

Polyamide fibers and threads are, as a rule, applied in production of textiles, carpets, the industrial threads used in turn for production of tire cord. Tire yarn - the largest and most fast - growing segment of the PA6 market.

PA6 pitch also is the main for production of the constructional plastics used for production of components of electronic and electric equipment, automobile details.
In the packaging industry the oriented polyamide film also made on the basis of PA6 pitch is applied.
Small volumes of caprolactam leave on synthesis of lysine, and also as the agent in production of polyurethane.

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STH caprolactam - E for hromatogr. (3gr)
STH caprolactam - E for hromatogr. (3gr)
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