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Steam mop of H2O MOP X5

Steam mop of H2O MOP X5

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The steam mop of H2O MOP X5 is much easier in comparison with the previous models, more maneuverable and environmentally friendly - a steam mop, is capable to carry out 5 functions at the same time. Thanks to technology of continuous giving to adjustment of parameters of steam, the mop of H2O X5 is capable to clear easily and quickly in the house anything.

This mop is the most modern and perfect in family of household steam cleaners of H2O today. A new steam mop of H2O X5 - the representative of the last generation of steam cleaners!

The revolutionary paroochistitel of H2O MOP X5 is much easier than the previous models, is more maneuverable during cleaning and is ecologically purer. It is a steam mop capable to carry out 5 various functions. This universal paroochistitel is capable to clear and disinfect any coverings and surfaces, even carpets, using all pure steam, with the temperature of 110 degrees is capable of. Except togas, it can turn in 2 seconds into the multipurpose manual steamer capable in two a schetka will clear everything, of windows to articles of clothing.

Thanks to technology of continuous supply of steam and adjustment of its power, the mop of X5 is capable to clean any places and things without problems.

Technical characteristics:
box sizes: 54 x 46,5 x 30 cm
box weight: 13,1 kg
product sizes: 22,5 x 46,5 x 30 cm
product weight: 3,05 kg

Attention! Before use read the instruction.

The steam mop of X5, unlike traditional methods of cleaning, uses more productive and much more sanitarily a pure method of cleaning. Thanks to the powerful steam made from water in the special tank, and also the unique absorbing property of microfibre in H2O X5 the unsurpassed level of hygienic processing of surfaces is reached. Dirt and fat is removed them for only a few seconds at the first contact of steam with a floor. Steam is environmentally friendly as work of a paroochistitel of H2O MOP X5 is based on use of pure steam without addition of chemicals.

Regular processing the ferry helps to get rid of dust pincers, some species of bacteria, a fungus and a mold. Hurry to buy a steam mop of H2O MOP X5 at the favorable price!
the hairpin made stainless steel for cleaning from a scum
volumetric glass
nozzle for cleaning of carpets
nozzle small pillow of universal 480 g/m2
round steel brush
round nylon brush
hose-udlinnitel on 85 cm
nozzle for cleaning of glasses with a scraper
coral rag for a nozzle for cleaning of glasses
microfibre nozzle small pillow for the steam iron
nozzle brush for dust cleaning
coral nozzle small pillow for dust cleaning
operation manual

NOTE: Operation of this device is based on production of steam therefore it increases humidity. At an obrabatyvaniye to them one surface too long, emergence of water marks or even decolouration or damage of a covering is possible.
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Steam mop of H2O MOP X5
Steam mop of H2O MOP X5
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