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Stationary system of vibromonitoring КОМПАКС®

Stationary system of vibromonitoring КОМПАКС®

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Stationary system of vibromonitoring КОМПАКС®

The stationary system of monitoring of a condition of the equipment KOMPAKS® is intended for ensuring safe environmentally friendly resource-saving operation of the equipment of fire and explosion hazardous productions, the prevention of accidents, production malfunctions and management of technical condition of the equipment by its continuous computer monitoring. The system of vibration diagnostics КОМПАКС® provides in the automatic mode, without participation of the person, diagnostics, monitoring and the forecast of technical condition of units with issue of instructions on the next urgent actions with the equipment to technological personnel in operator installations and to the management of the enterprise by means of  diagnostic network .

Monitoring of technical condition is diagnostics of all main malfunctions of the equipment and the knots which are its part with the probability close to 1, on continuously adjoining intervals of time during which the condition of the equipment significantly does not change. Monitoring of technical condition of the equipment allows to find in due time emergence of destructive loadings, defects and malfunctions and to take operational measures for restoration of satisfactory technical condition of the equipment or to suspend development of malfunctions in it.

The KOMPAKS® system is universal system of complex monitoring of technical condition of the equipment and has the flexible distributed parallel-serial architecture providing the high speed and accuracy of information processing (for the dynamic equipment poll speed less than 0,02 min. on the canal, and for static in real time) that allows to realize the following basic principles:

  1. The principle of information completeness provides the choice of diagnostic signs reducing probability of the admission of refusal.
  2. The principle of sufficiency defines the choice of the minimum number of the sensors providing observability of technical condition of the equipment.
  3. The principle of invariancy and collective recognition regulates the choice and selection of collective diagnostic signs which invariantna to a machine design and a form of communication with parameters of its technical condition.
  4. The principle of structural flexibility and programmability provides realization of optimum parallel-serial structure of system.
  5. The principle of correction of not ideality of measuring paths allows to provide with computing methods on the COMPUTER (correction of nonlinearity of sensors, the amplitude-phase characteristics of soglasuyushche-converting links, etc.) high metrological properties of systems of diagnostics and monitoring at small hardware expenses.
  6. The principle of self-diagnostics and the automated checking of the measuring and operating channels of system provides easy start-up it in operation, simplicity of service and repair of certain canals, metrological and functional reliability of system, its survival and adaptability to constantly changing conditions of real production.
  7. The principle of friendliness of the interface at the maximum information capacity of the screen of data presentation provides perception of a condition of technological system by the operator in general at one view of the monitor and obtaining the tseleukazayushchy instruction of the next urgent actions.
  8. The principle of the multilevel organization ensures functioning with system to experts of different skill levels and responsibility.

Structure of the KOMPAKS® system

Stationary system of vibromonitoring КОМПАКС®включает in:

  • the distributed system of the sensors controlling key parameters of the equipment;
  • the distributed system of the portable modules providing primary transformation of signals from sensors and their broadcasting in the diagnostic controller, and also providing control of integrity of sensors and communication lines;
  • the diagnostic station providing collecting, storage, data processing, display of results of monitoring;
  • diagnostic network of the Compacs-Net®для enterprise of granting on computers of users (from personnel of the shop to the management of the enterprise) full and timely information on technical condition of the equipment.

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Stationary system of vibromonitoring КОМПАКС®
Stationary system of vibromonitoring КОМПАКС®
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