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Soyameal Soyanta-200

Soyameal Soyanta-200

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandИркутский масложиркомбинат
  • Country of manufactureRussia

Soy flour of Soyanta - 200

Soy flour the fat - free deodorized "Soyanta - 200" is produced from the perfect seeds which are grown up in the Amur region and Primorsky Krai. A high - quality set of soy is not subject to genetic modification. Use of modern technologies, and also careful control at all stages of production allow to guarantee high quality of a product.

Main advantages:

  • increase in an exit of a ready - made product;
  • decrease in prime cost of a ready - made product;
  • stabilization of an emulsion and improvement of texture of a product;
  • enrichment of a product protein and reduction of content of cholesterol.

Scope. Soy proteins have a wide range of functional properties. Therefore the fat - free Soyanta - 200 soy flour can be used by production of the following products:

  • Meat - processing industry. Soy flour has potential to form steady water fatty emulsions and is used by production of different types of sausages (boiled, half - smoked and so forth), sausages and sausages, forcemeat and other chopped semi - finished products, pastes (hepatic, meat, chicken and so forth) as a functional component instead of expensive soy concentrates and even more expensive isolates. At use of flour in quantity from 2% obtaining the same functional effect (binding of water and fat, emulsification, improvement of a consistence of meat products) as is possible, for example, when using 1,6 - 1,8% of a soy concentrate or 1,4 - 1,6% of soy isolate. Sharing of Soyanta - 200 soy flour with other soy additives and other emulsifiers does not demand change of technological process. Apply as functional additive in number of 2 - 3% in relation to the mass of forcemeat. Optimum stabilization of meat products is reached at the following ratio: protein: fat: water = 1: 3: 3.
  • Confectionery, baking, oil and fat industry. Thanks to the high biological value, the emulsifying and water - absorbing properties soy flour finds broad application in the baking, confectionery and oil and fat industry. Use as nutritional supplement in flour confectionery in quantity up to 5% or partial replacement of wheat flour. By production of cookies bring up to 2% in relation to wheat flour, improving organoleptic indicators of a product and increasing its freshness.
  • Macaroni industry. Use by production of usual and special grades of pasta. For usual types add up to 5% in relation to wheat flour, for the special types (enriched with protein or dietary) bring 12 - 30% of the fat - free soy flour.

Qualitative characteristics:

Indicators: Characteristic and norm:
Appearance: powder
Smell and taste: peculiar to the soy deodorized flour without strangers zapakhovneytralny, peculiar to the soy deodorized flour without specific bean smack, bitterness and other foreign smacks
Color: from light yellow to yellow
Mass fraction of moisture and volatiles, % :
no more than 10
Mass fraction of crude fat in terms of a. s. v. , % : no more than 2
Mass fraction of a crude protein in terms of a. s. v. , % : not less than 52
Mass fraction of crude cellulose in terms of a. s. v. , % : no more than 5
Metallomagnetic impurity, mg of 1 kg of particles in size no more than 0,3 mm and weighing no more than 0,4 mg: no more than 2
Contamination and impurity wreckers of grain stocks: it is not allowed
Other foreign impurity: it is not allowed
Fineness of a grinding, % pass through a sieve from polyamide fabric No. 76: not less than 90
Nutrition value on 100 g of a product: proteins - 52,0 g, fats - 2,0 g, carbohydrates of 21,0 g
Power value on 100 g of a product: 310 kcal

Safety indicators: On microbiological indicators, the maintenance of toxic elements, mycotoxins, pesticides correspond to the admissible levels established the SanPiN - 01 (enc. 1, Indus. 1.9.1,

Producer and country of origin: JSC Irkutsky maslozhirkombinat, Russia. 9293 - 022 - 00336467 - 07

Packing: Polypropylene bags, net weight of 35 kg.


Storage: in the dry cool room, far from the substances possessing a strong smell at humidity of air no more than 60% in packing of firm manufacturer.
Expiration date: 12 months of year from the moment of production.
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Soyameal Soyanta-200
Soyameal Soyanta-200
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