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  • Country of manufactureRussia
  • Wood speciesSpruce

softwood sawlog (pine, larch, spruce) from 350 rubles. per m3

Coniferous wood has excellent properties: durable, resistant to rotting, easy to process. At the same time, each of coniferous species has some features that define its purpose.

In the production of sawn coniferous wood evaluated on the following main characteristics:

  • strength - characteristic with which evaluates the ability of material to resist mechanical stresses;
  • Hardness - resistance wood when introducing it more dense bodies (e. g. , nails, screws, etc. );
  • humidity - can be absolute and relative. Absolute - a proportion of the moisture contained in the material, the weight of fully dried wood, expressed as a percentage. Relative - expressed as a percentage ratio of the moisture content in the material to its weight in an undried state;
  • wear - resistance timber (molded block house, floor board) to the gradual destruction as a result of friction. In different parts of such a level of stability varied (at the ends than in the lateral parts).

Durability softwood

The main coniferous species have the following tensile strengths:

  • Larch - 105 N / mm 2 ;
  • pine - 100 N / mm 2 ;
  • Fir - 80 N / mm 2 ;
  • Siberian pine - 40 N / mm 2 .

Как видно, наиболее прочной является лиственница. Это делает ее очень ценной. Она активно используется для изготовления вагонки повышенного качества, террасной и половой доски. В том числе, она применяется в производстве пиломатериалов для наружной отделки.

Прочность сосны немного ниже, однако в отдельных случаях это становится преимуществом — она оказывается более простой в обработке. Сосна — практически универсальный материал, из которого изготавливается евровагонка, имитация бруса и блок - хаус, а также половая доска.

Ель уступает сосне в прочности, но зато является очень пластичной. Благодаря этой пластичности она очень широко используется в производстве погонажных профилированных пиломатериалов.

Finally, the Siberian pine is the least robust breed, but in spite of this it is used very actively. So, Lining, block - house, and even the floor board of the Siberian cedar are strong enough and good abrasion resistance.

Hardness and wear resistance

The most solid and durable is larch, but it is more complicated to work with it in the process of finishing. Pine and spruce have averages, cedar - the lowest figure. However, these characteristics are important to evaluate properly. As well as strength, hardness and wear resistance should not exist separately from other indicators.

Thus, high hardness and strength of larch complicate its treatment, but at the same time ensure long lifetime of finished products. Larch does not absorb moisture and is not subject to decay, it does not need additional processing means bioshield.

Pine and spruce have no such high levels of hardness, but this is not a disadvantage. Firstly, they are easier to handle. Secondly, because of the lower density material is not so heavy. This is especially important in the production of siding and other finishing materials for the walls. Finally, spruce and pine provide good heat and sound insulation - again, due to the fact that the hardness of these species is the average.

Siberian pine, which is one of the least solid softwood, also has advantages. He has unique antibacterial properties and does not rot. High ductility and ease of processing is much easier as the production of lumber and finish with them. A relatively small density of wood provides it with excellent sound and thermal insulation properties. This combination of characteristics makes Siberian pine excellent choice for interior decoration. However, in outer finish it is almost never used: both because of the high price and because of the relatively small strength and hardness.

Humidity softwood

Relative or absolute humidity of the wood - are important characteristics, but for the end user, they have little or no value, as the front of the production tree are dried. At the same time there is an important indicator related to humidity - absorbability, or the tree's ability to absorb moisture from the environment. The higher the moisture content of sawn timber at the moment - the higher its absorbability. Also the ability to pick up moisture from the air depends on the porosity and density of the wood.

Larch has the least hygroscopic - it does not absorb moisture, so you can use it for decoration, including on the street. Also possesses good characteristics pine. It is resistant to moisture absorption so that it is often used to make fences, façade elements and finishing, etc. Low water absorption of the wood makes it possible to apply the battens and the block house in the decoration of "wet" areas - such as baths and saunas.

Hygroscopicity spruce is relatively high - mainly due to the low density wood. This makes it less resistant to mold, mildew, rot. To protect spruce, it is treated with biosecurity.

Finally, Siberian pine as well as spruce, absorbs moisture - high hygroscopicity ensured by the presence of micropores and relatively low density. However, the Siberian cedar is not subject to the action of fungi and molds - it is protected by its own antibacterial properties. However, in spite of them, Timber of Siberian cedar specialists "Lining House" does not recommend the use outdoors and in areas with high humidity.

Properties and application of softwood lumber from softwood

The characteristics of different types of wood completely determine its destination. So, larch is essential where it is important to ensure maximum strength, durability, moisture and biological stability. Larch timber can be used in exterior finishing, arrangement of flooring, wall finishing with a high humidity, and also to create or carrier designed to increase structural loads.

Pine has substantially the same properties and has a similar application. It is considered one of the most versatile breeds: on the one hand is relatively affordable, the other - long - lasting and durable, pine timber and suitable for outdoor, and for interior decoration.

Spruce is easy to handle, provides excellent sound and heat insulation. However, it has high strength. This makes it a good choice for interior decoration - wall paneling of it turns out to be an affordable and beautiful, and durable.

Finally, the Siberian cedar - a material with a unique combination of characteristics. Among them - the bactericidal properties and resistance to fungal attack, ease of processing and excellent heat and sound insulation properties. In addition, the wood of the Siberian cedar is very beautiful. All together, this makes it an excellent choice for interior decoration.

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Softwood sawlog
Softwood sawlog
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