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Snowmobile of Yamaha Apex X-TX

Snowmobile of Yamaha Apex X-TX

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Apex X-TX

New Apex X-TX changes idea of what has to be a universal snowmobile. With the revolutionary electroamplifier of a steering of EPS he not only establishes new standards of controllability and stability, but also does it stylishly - without noise and "intelligently".

The 4-cylinder Genesis® engine, the exclusive EXUP system and injection of fuel - all this gave a considerable gain of power in a zone of small and average turns. 144-inch (3657 mm) the caterpillar, a back suspension bracket of Dual Shock® and wide skis are united in the uniform design capable to overcome the most difficult route.

Choose the route and feel the new level of technical perfection provided to Apex X-TX.


  • The electropower steering (EPS) provides comfortable driving
  • 4-stroke 4-cylinder Genesis Top Performance engine
  • The unique EXUP system - an unsurpassed torque and acceleration
  • Suspension bracket of Dual Shock® CK 144
  • Easy aluminum frame - rigidity and balance
  • 144-inch (3658 mm) Camoplast® Ripsaw™ caterpillar
  • Wide skis
  • Optimum width of a track of skis
  • Innovative design of a fairing and ergonomics
  • Double switches of heating of handles of a wheel and cock of an accelerator
  • The leading stars of external gearing for the best contact with a caterpillar
  • The braking by the engine operated by the I.S.C system.

Technical characteristic of a snowmobile of Yamaha Apex X-TX

  • The engine - 4-stroke / 4-tsit.
  • Power - 130, h.p.
  • Engine displacement - 998, cubic see.
  • Cooling - liquid
  • Carburetors / type - 39 mm of Mikuni x 4, fuel injection, liquid heating
  • Ignition - Digital T.C.I. with T.P.S
  • Exhaust - 2 valves, a back exhaust (Ti) with the EXUP system
  • Brake system - the hydraulic, 4-piston aluminum support easy the ventilated disk, a mechanical parking brake, the adjusted lever
  • Coupling and transmission - YVXC variator, a cover from a magnesian alloy, a reverse
  • Type of a forward suspension bracket - independent, two-lever
  • The forward shock-absorber - 40 mm the aluminum piston, gas-filled, a high pressure
  • The course of a forward suspension bracket - 229 mm
  • Type of a back suspension bracket - Dual Shock® CK 144
  • The back shock-absorber - 40 mm the Piston 12.5mm aluminum high pressure / 40 mm the Piston, 12.5mm, aluminum a high pressure, adjustment of compression and a release, aluminum.
  • The course of a back suspension bracket - 368 mm
  • Length/width/height - 2835 x 1275 x 1210 mm
  • Caterpillar (length/width/height) - 3658 x 381 x 32 mm
  • Base of skis - 1085 mm
  • Material of skis - plasticity
  • Dry weight - 245, kg
  • Gasoline tank capacity - 34,6, l
  • Windshield - a low profile
  • The speedometer / counter of a way - the standard
  • Tachometer - +
  • Reverse - the standard
  • Electric starter - the standard
  • The index of level of fuel - the standard
  • Requirements for fuel - the minimum octane number 92
  • Heating of handles - adjustable 9-position, separate
  • Colors - blue or red
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Snowmobile of Yamaha Apex X-TX
Snowmobile of Yamaha Apex X-TX
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