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Buy Silk Hair (Silk Hare) - Spray for the growth of new hair
Silk Hair (Silk Hare) - Spray for the growth of new hair

Silk Hair (Silk Hare) - Spray for the growth of new hair

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Good and thick hair dream of many. Women dream of silky strands, men tend to stop hair loss, which often begins in very young age. A variety of reasons, including the constant stress that is present in everyone's life, much worsen vyshey hair.

Silk Hair loss will stop the splendor of your hair, and improve and accelerate the growth of new hair, giving it a luxurious look.

The main advantages

· The product is a complex effect on the problem and gives hair all necessary nutrition.

· Cumulative effect improves the condition of each application, besides not addictive.

· Natural composition is absolutely safe, does not cause side effects and suitable for all types of hair.

· Even Silk Hare price is very democratic.

silk Hair

How does it work?

Affecting the hair from root to tip to make them more dense, eliminate damage to the structure and stop loss. Silk Hare buy, and you will feel the effect in the short term, your hair will become thick and beautiful. Moisturize the scalp, get rid of dandruff and itching. Awaken hair follicles stimulating them to grow. Protection from the harmful effects and prevent premature graying.


The unique combination of natural vegetable components and stimulate growth. Vitamin complexes and a variety of mineral oils and mineral makes your hair healthy, shiny and lush, Silk Hare order right now, and it will give your mind the appeal.

Mode of application

Spray should be applied on the scalp and the entire length of 1 times a day, at bedtime. Rinse off is not required. the application rate is not less than a month, and in the case of combating baldness last up to six months.


exchange / return policy

You can return or exchange the goods in accordance with applicable law.


* The product is not a drug .  It is not a dietary supplement .

All results are highly individual and depend on the characteristics of the organism.



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Silk Hair (Silk Hare) - Spray for the growth of new hair
Silk Hair (Silk Hare) - Spray for the growth of new hair
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