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Shattersa / internal sun blind

Shattersa / internal sun blind

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Shattersa / internal sun blind
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Internal sun blind (shattersa) is the innovative products of shielding of windows having long-term application. They are incredibly functional, eco-friendly, positively influence interior design and today are considered as a sign of the highest taste in a decor of windows

Material of which they are made is called "Polystyle". In fact it is extruded plastic (as in a window profile), but without emptiness. It can be cut, sawn, hammered into it nails, i.e. to make with it the same actions, as with a tree. At the same time "Polystyle" does not crack, is not afraid of humidity, is very simple in leaving. Probably therefore it is called still "a synthetic tree"

The palette of coloring of this material more than is extensive, it contains over 400 flowers on RAL scale, including
Besides all other advantages the material "Polystyle" possesses the most advanced stage of fire safety. It does not burn, and smolders and decay stops at once as soon as fire source is removed.

Shattersa can be oar, develop "accordion" or move as sliding wardrobe panels - everything depends on the mechanism chosen by you. It is one more indisputable advantage of shatters before a traditional sun blind.

Besides direct light-protective function they can carry out and additional, for example, to be used as an interroom partition as doors in a case or as a separate decorative element - a screen.

Advantages of use of shutters - shatters

So, we will sum up that we will receive, having established shattersa in the house:

  • fine decorative element which will give a unique charm and a cosiness as at installation outside of the house, and inside;
  • protection against excess solar lighting which not only heats the room, but also can spoil appearance of wall-paper and textiles in your house;
  • energy saving because, using shattersa, we receive an additional barrier (peculiar "layer") to heated air in the summer and cold - in the winter, so, we cut down expenses on conditioning or heating;
  • strong and durable design which differences of temperatures and humidity, thanks to the material "Polystyle" are not terrible;
  • great design opportunities, thanks to extensive color scale;
  • minimum of efforts to leaving (shattersa are enough to be wiped with a damp sponge or to wash with detergent solution under a water stream).

Guarantee 3 years

You can to ask questions and consult by ph.: (044) 468-23-50; (063) 237-27-12

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Country producer USA
Type rafshtor With flat lamels
Management Electric drive or mechanical (manual)
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Shattersa / internal sun blind
Shattersa / internal sun blind
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