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Self-propelled sprayer Aquarius 2

Self-propelled sprayer Aquarius 2

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Ukraine, Zaporozhe
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Technical characteristics
  • BrandВодолей
  • Country of manufactureUkraine
  • Method of travelSelf-propelled
  • Минимальный радиус поворота, м6
  • Рабочий объем двигателя2,4
  • Размер колеи, мм2150
  • Диапозон расхода рабочей жидкости, л/га30-350
  • Вместимость емкости, л1000
  • Неравномерность внесения рабочей жидкости по рабочей ширине захвата не более, %+/-5
  • Производительность за час рабочего ремени, га40-65*
  • Тип двигателя Марка двигателяДизельный с турбонадувом Kubota
  • Раскрытие крыльевГидравлическое
  • Колесная Формула6x4
  • Габаритные Размеры ДхШхВ, мм3500x2350x2300
  • Рабочая ширина захвата штангового, м18-24
  • Полная масса, кг, не более2500
  • Транспортаная скорость, км/чдо 50*
  • Снаряженная масса, включая оператора, кг1180
  • Удельный расход топлива за сменное время работы, кг/га0,2

The self-propelled sprayer Aquarius 2 is an easy and high-performance self-propelled sprayer on elastic tires of ultralow pressure.

Pressure of tires upon the surface of soil makes 100-160ú/cm ² that allows to work at the rehumidified soils and in the conditions of the boggy area.

This sprayer can directly be applied on shoots of cultural plants with height steblestoya till 0:5¼ without their damage.

The consumption of diesel fuel of a self-propelled sprayer makes 0,2l/Hectare. Productivity more 30ga/hour.

The sprayer Aquarius 2 is intended for performance of technological operations on chemical protection of field cultures against wreckers, diseases and weeds, early top dressing of KAS, to introduction of housing and communal services and SZR.

Advantages of a self-propelled sprayer Aquarius 2:

Diesel Kubota engine of 2,4 Turbo

Has bigger torque - 165,8nm (the engine 1,5 - 118,6nm) at smaller turns and the best elasticity.

It allows to support the high set speed regardless of loading of the car and a land relief. Allows not to reduce productivities of works when using the conditioner.

The diesel Kubota engine is located in front of a sprayer

what allows to balance load of axes - unloads an average axis for increase in operability of a sprayer, especially on viscous and damp soils, and also the hilly area.

System of a hydraulic actuator of the pump

  • allows to increase norm of introduction to 500l/Hectare *;
  • supports the speed of rotation of the pump in the set parameters that prolongs a resource of service life of the pump unit;
  • increases working speed to 40 km/h;
  • from start provides the set norm of introduction and smoothes unevenness of introduction of working liquid on the working width of capture no more than +/-2;
  • elasticity of work of all system on fields with a difficult relief.

High-strength, convenient cabin with the increased visibility

It is developed by specialists of LLC Energomekhkomplekt, equipped with filters that guarantees safe working conditions of the machine operator.

The AQUARIUS is equipped with the multipurpose computer

For the differentiated introduction of liquid fertilizers that allows to establish and control the set norm of introduction on hectare, the speed of the movement, the processed area, the liquid rest in a tank, data on fuel consumption. Thus you receive the economic and precisely dosing supply of fertilizers thanks to what you will lower costs of acquisition and application of fertilizers.

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Self-propelled sprayer Aquarius 2
Self-propelled sprayer Aquarius 2
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