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Self-propelled fertilizer spreader based on UAZ-Patriot – Avion, OOO |
Buy Self-propelled fertilizer spreader based on UAZ-Patriot
Self-propelled fertilizer spreader based on UAZ-Patriot

Self-propelled fertilizer spreader based on UAZ-Patriot

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandАвион
  • Country of manufactureRussia
  • Car makeУАЗ
  • TransmissionMechanics
  • Max speed90 km/h
  • Seating capacity2 places
  • Type of specialization transTerrain vehicle
  • Engine Capacity2693 cm³

Products: self - propelled spreader of dry solid lime fertilizers based on UAZ - Patriot buy price from manufacturer's factory for export Lipetsk region, Russia

Avion 44 - 01 based on the UAZ - Patriot vehicle is a continuation of the Avion - Agro line.

Keeping the same price category, we managed to make the car more comfortable to operate and maintain.

Chassis characteristics:

  • Body (cab) - UAZ - Patriot
  • Layout scheme - cargo version
  • Unladen weight, including the driver, kg - 1950
  • Useful weight, carrying capacity, kg - 1300
  • Permitted maximum weight, kg - 3450
  • Clearance of chassis with full weight, mm - 500
  • Overall dimensions (LxWxH), mm - 4950x2490x2600
  • The maximum angle of the overcome rise, deg. - 35
  • Maximum speed, no more, km / h - 90
  • Engine model - ZMZ 40905
  • Fuel - Gasoline AI 92


  • Engine brand - ZMZ 40905
  • Working volume - 2693 cubic meters. cm
  • Power - 128 hp from. (94.1 kW)
  • gearbox 5 st. , mechanical

Avion is a certified manufacturer of self - propelled spreaders and sprayers based on Russian all - terrain vehicles on ultra - low pressure tires "AVION 44 - 01". The machines "AVION 44 - 01" are currently the most productive machines in the world for applying fertilizers and liquid preparations, and represent a unique combination of high productivity and quality of work, ease of maintenance and low cost in comparison with analogues, quick payback and reliability in work.

A little more detail about the features of the machines "AVION 44 - 01":

1. High performance for the application of fertilizers and liquid preparations: the combination of the working speed (up to 40 km / h) and the spreader's working width (40 meters) provide a productivity of over 1000 hectares per day

2. Permeability: the low weight of the equipment and ultra - low pressure tires allow you to work on the application of loose fertilizers on soggy soil, which allows you to apply fertilizers 2 - 3 weeks earlier than other equipment.

3. Cars do not require replacement wheels to move on public roads (meet the requirements for the dimensions of vehicles in the Russian Federation, having a width of less than 2.5 m). Develops a speed of up to 75 km / h.

4. Due to the low pressure on the ground (from 0.16 kg / cm2) they do not injure the plant and do not leave tracks.

5. Availability of components - all units of Russian production are available in most auto dealerships. The bridges and transfer case were installed from the military truck GAZ 33088 "SADKO", which made it possible to have a multiple margin of strength and carrying capacity.

6. By their productivity, they replace up to 8 units of conventional equipment.

7. Payback of the car "AVION 44 - 01" for 1 - 2 seasons.

8. Gasoline engine, EURO 4.

Available modifications:

Avion 44 - 01 with spreader

Avion 44 - 01 is significantly ahead of competitors in terms of productivity and cost of the machine, not inferior in terms of comfort of use. Simplicity and versatility of design, availability and low cost of spare parts in combination with high productivity and German quality of the spreader's work make the Avion 44 - 01 machine indispensable for any farm.


Avion 44 - 01 with sprayer

Avion 44 - 01 with a sprayer is a complex for the introduction of plant protection products.


Avion 44 - 01 with cargo box

Avion 44 - 01 with a cargo body is designed for off - road cargo transportation.


Mounting the equipment on the Avion 44 - 01 chassis is a simple and reliable design that allows you to quickly replace the technical modules described above.

The versatility of the Avion 44 - 01 chassis design allows installation of other specialized modules: residential, medical, technical, Emergency Situations Ministry module, drilling rig and others.


We produce:

  • AVION 44 - 01 with spreader
  • AVION 44 - 01 with a sprayer
  • AVION 44 - 01 with a cargo body
  • AVION - AGRO with spreader
  • AVION - AGRO with a sprayer

 Additional equipment for accuracy and convenience of work:

  • Navigation complex TRIMBLE.
  • GPS tracker Galileosky Base Block Optimum with support for custom algorithms - Easy Logic.
  • Driver's ibutton tag reader.
  • Fuel level sensor (FLS) Omnicomm LLS4 / LLS5.
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Self-propelled fertilizer spreader based on UAZ-Patriot
Self-propelled fertilizer spreader based on UAZ-Patriot
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