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Pseudomonas bacteria

Pseudomonas bacteria

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Pseudomonas  (lat. Of Pseudomonas ) - genus of Gram - negative aerobic bacteria asporogenous. Pseudomonas are mobile and have the form of straight or curved rods and two polar flagellum.

Pseudomonas widely used in business practice for the production of antibiotics, residual oil extraction from wells, to combat pollution, as well as models for numerous theoretical studies.

Pseudomonas lilac (lat. Pseudomonas syringae ) - form phytopathogenic psevodmonad causing disease in a large number of plants, expressed in the form of brown slizetochenie, frostbite, damage fruit and leaf spot.

There are about 50 patovarov (strains) Pseudomonas syringae , capable of infecting various plant species, particularly beets, wheat, barley, beans, peas, millet, maple, ash, oleander, olive tree, apple, lilac and others.

Pseudomonas (Pseudomonas) - genus of non - fermenting, rod, asporogeneous, motile bacteria that negatively stained by Gram and cause various diseases in humans.

Pseudomonas are ubiquitous. They are found in the environment objects - soil, water, and on healthy human skin, in the nose, throat and intestines. Bacteria have a high volatility, stability in the external environment, the capacity for adhesion and production of toxins, formation of protective films. These qualities make them a microbial pathogenicity and virulence.

The bacterium is not demanding to the culture medium. Well grows on MPA, turning it into a blue - green color. Broth pseudomonas gives rise to a haze and biofilm on the surface of the blue - green color. Since pseudomonads - obligate aerobes, they flock to the surface of the liquid medium, wherein the oxygen has a different concentration. On selective medium agar CPC - formed mucous, flat colonies with a greenish hue and odor of jasmine. Optimum temperature for growth of bacteria - 37 degrees.


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Pseudomonas bacteria
Pseudomonas bacteria
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