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PC-002 putty

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandHEMPEL

Description </ p> </ h3>

PF-002 putty is made on the basis of pentaphthalicic varnish, pigments and fillers with the addition of an organic solvent, a sequence and stabilizing substances. </ P>

Purpose </ p> </ h3>

PF-002 putty is designed To fill the irregularities and correction of defects, primed metal and wooden surfaces in coating systems operated in atmospheric conditions and indoors. </ p>

widely used for car repair, construction and repair work in everyday life. </ p>

Special properties </ p> </ h3>

PF-002 is suitable for coatings of pentafaline, glyphthal, melamine, alkyd-urethane, oil and other paintwork materials. </ p>

After drying, it forms a flat, durable surface with good physico-mechanical properties, perfectly polished with the abrasive skin" on dry "or using water" on wet ". </ p>

putty has good adhesion to primers, white and gray colors allow you to use a putty for paintwork materials of light tones. </ p>

ways to use </ p> </ h3>

Surfaces in front of the spatlement are thoroughly cleaned from dirt, rust, scale, old paint coating and cleaned with a grinding skin, if necessary, rhyutt. </ p>

Then purified from dust, degreased by white spirit or gasoline, dry well and ground. </ p>

For priming, you can use primers GF-021 , GF-0119 Or other interchangeable primers. </ p>

The surface of the primer after drying is grinding with a grinding skin and purified from dust. </ p>

putty are thoroughly mixed, if necessary, dilute. </ p>

White spirit (NEFRA-C4-155 / 200) or a mixture of White-spirit with solvent in a 1: 1 ratio (by mass). < / P>

apply a thin layer with a spatula or a pneumatic spraying method at a temperature (15-35) ° C and relative humidity no more than 80%. </ p>

When applied with spraying, the putty is bred by solvent. </ p>

The thickness of the single-layer coating after drying should be no more than 0.5 mm, the total thickness should not exceed 2 mm. </ p>

Intermediate layers of putty slapped with skins No. 5-6, the last layer - skins No. 5-4. </ p>

flow and drying mode </ p> </ h3>

Plotching consumption for a thickness of 0.5 mm: </ em> </ p>

  • When applied with a spatula - 1.0 kg / m 2 </ span>; </ li>
  • When applied by pneumatic spraying - 1,6 kg / m 2 </ span>. </ li> </ ul>

    Drying time: </ em> </ p>

    • at temperatures (20 ± 2) ° C - no more than 24 hours, </ li>
    • at a temperature (80-85) ° C - not more than 1 hour. </ li> </ ul>

      Precautions </ p> </ h3>

      putty stored in a tightly closed container, preventing moisture and direct sunlight, away from devices and electrical devices. </ p>

      When carrying out putty works, as well as after their end, it is necessary to thoroughly air the room for 1 day. </ P>

      To protect your hands to apply rubber gloves. Wash tools in White Spirit. </ p>

      Waste into the sewer does not merge! Bear from the fire! </ p>

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PC-002 putty
PC-002 putty
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