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Scales for animals El'ton (Ck)

Scales for animals El'ton (Ck)

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Russia, Volgograd
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Technical characteristics
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Scales for animals El'ton (Ck)

Given all of the requirements, the engineers "Volgograd Plant Weighing Applications" developed a line of professional scales, designed for single and group weighing of small animals, as well as cattle (hereinafter - RS).

Terms of Use

Depending on the model scales "Volgogradsky Plant weighing equipment" can be a platform for placement of small animals weighing up to 150 kg, while RNC - to 10 tons to perform measurements on site built strain gauges are provided. . Electronic components of the proposed scales have a very high level of dust and moisture protection (up to IP 68), which ensures successful operation under the most adverse conditions, not only indoors, but also in open areas.


Pets are weighing takes place on the site, which is provided by the cell. Such fences customer can easily mount and dismount and independently without the use of special tools, if necessary. Thanks to this equipment as soon as possible put into operation, and the process of transportation of the scale the new object is facilitated as much as possible. To change the installation platform level four leveling feet are provided.

Connecting to a PC and stand - alone operation

Weighing instrument is connected to the platform via cable, protected by a metal or rubber broneshlangom. terminal is required for the AC power supply (220 V / 50 Hz). To the lack of electricity did not become an unpleasant surprise, is provided in the kit and battery. In addition, you can install an inexpensive system automatically supply that provides autonomous operation of the equipment for 20 - 60 days.


  1. Weighing platform with a guardrail and 2 - way gate
  2. The indicator with the function of stabilization and summing the weight


  1. Rubberized coating slip antishumnoe
  2. Set of metal ramps for the convenience of the animal pen
  3. Sliding gate type
  4. Wheel fittings or caravan for easy transport
  5. All models provide appropriate technical documentation (the order of assembly and installation, passport, combined with the manual)

The balance can be equipped with strain gauges of various types of marks CAS Corporation Ltd. , Zhonghang Electronic Measuring Instruments Co, Ltd. , Keli and Flintec GmBH (Germany). data transfer to the PC is possible via COM - port (RS - 232) or twisted pair (RS - 485). Additional convenience for the operator - the summation mode terminal.

The balance can be single and dvuhintervalnye.

The scales may be used for various kinds of design loading platform: Fr - platform; Ck - for weighing animals; SKA - trailer for weighing animals; Art - Rod; PLL - pallets.

Scales platform El'ton produced according to GOST OIML R 76 - 1 - 2011.

Description of the measuring means

Features odnointervalnyh weights:

designation Max (Weighing capacity) kg Min (lowest limit of weighing), kg Discrete samples (d) and the verification scale interval (e), g
Elton 150 150 1 fifty
Elton 300 300 2 100
Elton 600 600 4 200
Elton 1500 1500 10 500
Elton 3000 3000 20 1000
Elton 6000 6000 40 2000
Elton 10000 10000 100 5000

Features dvuhintervalnyh weights:

designation Max (Weighing capacity) kg Min (lowest limit of weighing), kg Discrete samples (d) and the verification scale interval (e), g
Elton 60/150 60/150 0.4 20/50
Elton 150/300 150/300 1 50/100
Elton 300/600 300/600 2 100/200
Elton 600/1500 600/1500 4 200/500
Elton 1500/3000 1500/3000 10 500/1000
Elton 3000/6000 3000/6000 20 1000/2000
Elton 6000/10000 6000/10000 40 2000/5000
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Scales for animals El'ton (Ck)
Scales for animals El'ton (Ck)
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