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Sandra paste (Sandra) for a shugaring

Sandra paste (Sandra) for a shugaring

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Sandra - paste for a shugaring. High quality and reasonable price.

Absolutely natural product created only from natural components without addition of chemicals, harmful to an organism.


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Female legs are a top of sexuality. Sports activities are not enough. Of course it is necessary to monitor moistening also the main thing behind excess hair.

It is really problematic. Hair standing look very not esthetically. Smooth legs want all. Men always pay attention to it.

As soon as women do not try to get rid of these hated hair. But often constant shaving takes away many forces, and smoothness at such way remain not long. Epilators leave the grown hairs. And this very unpleasant phenomenon. There are heat - spots, it hurts and suppurates.

There is all the known way – a laser epilation. But it is very expensive procedure which not all resembles

There is a solution. Sandra – the new word in the world of an epilation. You will forget about the grown hair and irritations, and the effect will be keep much longer than after shaving.

Sandra Sugaring - professional paste for a shugaring which will keep ideal smoothness.

Unique composition of Sandra paste:

The exclusivity of a product is that its component formula is based only on natural ingredients. In basic structure of each packing it is possible to find:

  • Glucose which is necessary for a linking of liquid and optimum capture of each hair. Extent of influence of ingredient bears a reserve calming, and antiallergenic influence, excepting any signs of irritability.
  • Acid lemon – promotes clarification of a time, improvement of local exchange processes, forms the ideal bleaching effect, helping to restore ideal structure of skin.
  • Water – allows to reach the ideal density of structure, guaranteeing soft drawing which fully conforms to requirements of cosmetology.
  • Fructose – feeds an ideal image, humidifies and protects from puffiness, hyperaemia and irritation of skin. Fructose has unique property of blocking of growth and productive destruction of bacteria on an epidermis blanket.

It is remarkable that the notable effect of clarification of skin of hair when using Sandra paste for an epilation remains not less, than for 3 - 5 weeks. Huge plus is that now it is not necessary to be spent for saloon procedures.

Impacts of paste on skin:

  • The person just applies paste with a uniform layer on the site of future clarification from hair.
  • Ingredients of medicine start anesthesia and fixing of hairs.
  • Separate part of elements seeks to get into a time, promoting their careful clarification, pushing out dirt from within.
  • Further just it is necessary to remove paste which will carry away together with itself harmful parts of bacteria and toxins.
  • Skin acquires smooth structure on which there is no uniform hair.
  • The reached effect of clarification remains for the term of not less than 15 - 30 days. Therefore, all this time it is possible to wear safely short skirts, to be safely in public places, without hesitating of the body.

It is remarkable, the paste for Sandra depilation applied regularly promotes that next - to - skin hairs every time became thinner.


  1. Initially it is necessary to make one day before the main procedure a deep peeling of skin by means of special srubs.
  2. Further, before direct holding a procedure of a shugaring, it is necessary to steam out skin.
  3. Now take paste, and distribute it a uniform layer on the site.
  4. We expect when means is recorded, and then we begin to delete accurately formed crust together with hairs.
  5. If it is required, then after the procedure it is possible to use the softening cream.

Pay attention that the procedure of removal of hair by means of Sandra paste which can be bought from the producer should be carried out when length of hairs makes not less than 4 mm.

Sandra – the brand making a qualitative, natural product for depilation which is in great demand at masters. Today we will tell more about this product.


Paste for a shugaring Sandra – an effective method of depilation, practical for use on all parts of the body where vegetation causes discomfort. Girls with high sensitivity should not worry as removal of hairs is completely painless. Well is suitable for any types of skin, does not cause allergic reactions and irritation. "Sandra" does not contain any harmful substances therefore it is completely safe for use, your skin will remain gentle and cleared of undesirable vegetation on a long period. After this paste hair become soft, and over time them grows less and less.

Pluses and minuses

When using the razor and some methods of an epilation there are minuses:

· after shaving the irritation can be strong;

· short effect after and rigidity of hair;

· frequent disposal of vegetation that strongly exasperates;

· separate ways of an epilation can leave not really beautiful marks on skin;

· morbidity of some types of an epilation.

When using paste Sandra is guaranteed:

· the most careful depilation doing skin pleasantly smooth excepting a possibility of any reddenings;

· at reusable use has accumulative effect of delay of growth of hair;

· minimum chance of emergence of puffiness;

· moistening of skin.

Procedure of an epilation

Per day before the main process, it is necessary to make, by means of srubs, a peeling of skin. Before the procedure of a shugaring, skin should be steamed out well. Further we take paste and accurately we distribute it on a part of the body necessary for us a uniform layer. We expect fixing of means on hairs then we begin to delete formed a covering. If necessary, after the procedure, it is possible to use the softening cream.

Sequence of influence of paste

1. After drawing, the making elements of paste begin anesthesia and fixing of hairs.

2. A part of elements gets into a time and clears them, pushing out dirt.

3. The subsequent removal of paste removes together with itself parts of toxins and bacteria.

Skin becomes pure and smooth, being completely cleared of hair. The gained effect lasts from two weeks to the whole month.

Councils from specialists in leaving

By councils of many experts who are qualified in this sort of cosmetic manipulations, the most important the correct care of skin before this type of depilation is. That the effect was excellent and completely satisfied your expectations, leaving and on the end of a procedure is not less important. For certain each girl who is looking after herself faced a problem of the grown hair and to prevent their education it is necessary to delete regularly died - off cages from the top layer of epidermis. To help solve this problem different srubs which peel the died - off cages can, thereby clearing skin and saving it from the grown hairs. In performing depilation it is important to do it carefully and regularly to achieve desirable effect later. If you decided to clear your body of excessive vegetation by means of the method called by a shugaring, you have to forget about the razor. It is not recommended to use the razor in breaks between procedures of depilation at all, otherwise above the described effect you will not achieve, hair will become same rigid and there will be a high probability of formation of the grown hairs. For holding this procedure it is worth describing the main advantages of paste to a shugaring from Sandra:

· This paste is absolutely safe for application as it does not contain dyes and fragrances in the structure, and opposite, consists only of natural components, respectively it is hypoallergenic.

· Means is practical for application in house conditions.

The price of this product will please a purse, and the result after use will be pleasant also to you, and people around.

The cities to which delivery is carried out:

Lviv, Kiev, Village Luhansk, Mariupol, Melitopol, Nikolaev, Nikopol, Odessa, Poltava, Kharkiv, Odessa, Chernihiv, Dnieper, Lutsk, Kryvyi Rih, Khmelnytskyi, Bila Tserkva, Vinnytsia, Ivano - Frankivsk, Dniprodzerzhynsk, Kamensk, Dnipropetrovsk, Zhytomyr, Zaporizhia, Kirovohrad, Kropivnitsky, Exactly, Sumy, Ternopil, Uzhhorod, Kherson, Khmelnytskyi, Cherkasy, Chernivtsi, etc.

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Sandra paste (Sandra) for a shugaring
Sandra paste (Sandra) for a shugaring
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