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Roller markirator and tape markirator

Roller markirator and tape markirator

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  • Brandhp, hualian, dika, dk
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The TEKHNOGOLD company suggests the clients to get tape and roller thermal printers at the favorable prices.

Tape thermal printers and roller markirator are printers which are used at the enterprises of small, medium and large business for drawing variable and constant information on the made products.

These types of printers differ from each other in a number of parameters, but their main difference in the used expendables. Tape markirator use a tape of a hot stamping or a thermofoil, and roller thermal printers – ink rollers or as they are called still, ink rollers.

Tape and roller printers can conditionally be divided into three look:

  • Manual roller dater and manual tape dater. Carry to such printers DY - 8 and Dikai DK - 100. They are used at the small enterprises where it is more favorable to carry out marking manually, on a small desktop manual dater. For work of such markirator constant presence of the operator who carries out drawing information on a product is obligatory.
  • Automatic roller dater and automatic tape dater. Such dater are used on average and large productions where marking putting down is more profitable in the automatic or semi - automatic way.

We will stop on advantages of automatic tape and roller dater in more detail. Distinguishes automatic markirator:

  • High efficiency (exact speed is defined by characteristics of the printer).
  • Existence of the built - in photosensor for tracking of the marked products.
  • Possibility of a horizontal and vertical arrangement of marking.
  • Possibility of exact control of the place of marking.
  • Durability of the printers produced from stainless steel.
  • The press is carried out by the painting rollers or a thermofoil from which ink is emitted as a result of heating. As a result on a product there is an accurate print steady against friction and other influences.

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The TEKHNOGOLD company offers the clients a wide choice of tape and roller markirator from the leading global manufacturers of markirator: MY - 420A, MY - 380F/W, MY - 380F, MY - 300A, HP - 280, MY - 812G, MY - 812A, HP - 241G, MY - 812G, DK - 300, DK - 802, DK - 1100. DK - 1100A, DK - 1300A, DK - 1500, DK - 100, DK - 200, DK - 700, DK - 700Q.

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Roller markirator and tape markirator
Roller markirator and tape markirator
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