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Order for Carbon Dioxide Gas Dryer & Condenser

Compania din:Franta

Creată:3 Dec 2023  12:58


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Cererea de cumpărător:

This is Samaneh from Pars Compressor.
Pars Compressor has won 3 different projects which requires heated purge gas dryer (Thermal Swing Adsorption) that one of them has been started
the purge gas composition is
inlet gas: CO2: 19.46%;H2O:0.25%; N2: 79.48;O2:0.82 %
outlet gas: CO2: 19.51%;H2O:0.0%; N2: 79.67;O2:0.82 %
The flow rate and pressure is as follows:
Dryer Specifications (Rated):
Inlet Flow Rate: 800 Nm³/hr
Inlet Pressure 15.9 Bar g
Inlet Temperature (Nominal/Max): 43/55 deg C
Dew Point at Line Pressure Saturated (+45)

Outlet Flow Rate: 800 Nm³/hr
Outlet Pressure 15.9 Bar g
Outlet Temperature (Nominal/Max): 43/55 deg C
Dew Point at Line Pressure Saturated (-20 deg C)
Pressure drops across the Dryer (clean/Norm) 0.1/0.2 Barg
More information such as required engineering documents and project P&ID will be sent by email

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