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Buy Deep biochemical treatment plant domestic and industrial wastewater Air Master PRO 60
Deep biochemical treatment plant domestic and industrial wastewater Air Master PRO 60

Deep biochemical treatment plant domestic and industrial wastewater Air Master PRO 60

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Technical characteristics
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Ochistnyesooruzheniya from 10 to 5000 m3 / day

Modular station (polypropylene) ochistkihozyaystvenno underground installation for domestic and industrial wastewater. The combination of biological and chemical purification ifiziko allows to obtain more results guaranteed number of parameters, as well as greatly reduce the size istoimost treatment facilities. The purified effluent may be directed to poverhnostnuyuirrigatsionnuyu or in a reservoir (with UV setting). Performance - 10 - 5000 m3 / day.

· Ideal for cleaning the drain of residential complexes:

· Hotel;

· Pensions;

· Health;

· Complex of residential buildings;

· Cottage villages;

· Neighborhoods;

· Settlements and so on. D.

· Military facilities: military camps, parts, etc. . .

On the basis of treatment facilities deep biological treatment of wastewater AirMaster PRO 15 are developed and successfully operated treatment facilities dlyaochistki

· Production flow:

· Dairies;

· Poultry farms;

· Fisheries;

· The food industry, etc.

Treatment facilities glubokoybiohimicheskoy treatment of domestic and industrial waste water Air Master PRO 60 - a modulnyeustroystva for underground installation. All components and detaliochistnyh structures in contact with sewage, made izkorroziynostoykogo material - polypropylene. Air Master PRO structure 60, rasschitanana uneven delivery of waste water during the day.

Osnovnyepreimuschestva Air Master Pro treatment facilities

· Sanitary protection area of 15 m

· 5 - stable operation at 10% load

· Full operational readiness

· Compact, underground, line - block

· Does not require the presence of technical staff (SMS - Alarm)

· Does not require major repairs

· Low operating costs

· A linear arrangement - increase performance as needed

· Adaptation of the modules to the allocation of plots for OS

· There are no restrictions on the dumping of domestic garbage

· Possible flooding

· Overall transportation

Lifetime - more than 60 years.

The combination of biological and physico - himicheskoyochistki produces guaranteed results in the long kolichestvuparametrov, as well as significantly reduce the size and cost of sewage treatment plants.


brief characteristics

Maximum volley reset: 6.7 m³

Capacity: 60 m³ / day

Height: 2500 mm

Number of users: 300 people

Pros Air to Master Master the PRO 60

· Long - term preservation of the biomass without receipt of drains (1st chamber is damper pressure and a reserve organic elements zhiznedeyatelnostibaktery daily uneven revenue povysheniyakachestva used for cleaning).

· Drain system using a slat to 4 times more effective.

· Application of the coagulation system.

· Industrial design with pressure skimmer.

· Discharge of purified water is allowed to fishery reservoirs (priustanovke use kit UV disinfection BioClean).

· Guaranteed no odors during operation.

· High mechanical strength.

· Unique sediment decontamination.

· Regular automatic removal of sludge and dead biomass.

· The use of submerged biozagruzki with fixed biomass.

· Ability remote monitoring and management of the main parametramistantsii (assuming installation SMS notification unit).

· Automatic dosing reagents accurately on a real flow sinks (coagulant, flocculent, sediment disinfection).

· The alarm system with fault log.

· Reagent level indication.

· Possibility of removal of the emergency unit and the display unit.

· Ease and low cost of installation (the entire complex is supplied ready - made, fully completed and ready for installation units).

· There is no need for a large specialized equipment for installation idostavke object.

· Does not require additional insulation.

· Simple and easy to maintain.

Absence housing corrosion and technological elements.

· Environmental bezopasnost. Sravnenie operating capacity of 500 m3 per day

The stations are designed for the biological purification stochnyhvod having the following characteristics:

The unit provides clean household stochnyhvod to standards - compliant SanPiN2.1.5.980 - 00 "Gigienicheskietrebovaniya to surface water protection"

Raschetnyeharakteristiki wastewater entering the treatment plant:

Temperaturanemenee 15 of Si is not more than 25 of the C

BOD 5, not more than 350 mg / l

HPKnebolee 525 mg / l

Suspended veschestvanebolee 260 mg / l

Concentration NP≤12 mg / l

pHne less than 6.5 less than 8.5

Harakteristikastochnyh water outlet:

Concentration VV≤0,25 mg / l

Concentration NP≤0,05 mg / l

BPKpoln≤2,0 mg / l

HPK≤15 mg / l

pH6,5 - 8,5

Helminth eggs, virusynet

Wastewater entering the station dolzhensootvetstvovat its performance.

Permitted discharge of treated at the station and obezzarazhennyhstochnyh water on terrain and water bodies in compliance with the requirements SanPin2.1.5.980 - 00.

Sewage treatment plants do not produce harmful emissions in the air.

These parameters are observed when polnoykomplektatsii stations, including ultraviolet disinfection unit.

MPC rybohozyaystvennyhvodoemov 1 category:

BPKpoln3mg / l

HPK15mg / l

Suspended veschestva0,25 mg / l

PAV0,1 mg / l

Nefteprodukty0,1 mg / l

Helminth eggs, virusyne allowed

pH6,5 - 8,5

Opisanieraboty Air to Master Master the PRO 60

Stoke enters the receiving chamber drive. This kamereproiskhodit accumulation of insoluble suspended solids coming from stochnymivodami. Simultaneously in the anaerobic chamber occur protsessydenitrifikatsii aimed at removal of nitrogen from the effluent. Overflows nakopiteleraspolozheny in a camera so that the waste water flowed from the lower speed, whereby the sedimentation of coarse vzveshennyhchastits occurs at the bottom of each chamber. Primary settling tank is equipped with a unique obezzarazhivaniyaosadka system. From the reception storage chamber drain into chamber preaeratsii gdeinitsiiruyutsya aerobic treatment processes Photo and nitrifikatsiyastoka occurs. Here same chemical precipitant fed into the liquid fraction. Koagulyantdoziruetsya strictly in accordance with the actual capacity of the station. Zadachakoagulyanta conduct chemical binding of the phosphate present in the effluent, atakzhe improve the efficiency of precipitation laminarnogootstoynika subsequent chamber. In the chamber a laminar settling tank occurs osazhdeniedopolnitelnogo sediment formation which is caused by the action of koagulyanta. Zaderzhanny precipitate together with previously nitrified napravlyaetsyav drain chamber drive. The deposition of suspended particles in a laminar otstoynikeprotekaet to 4 times more efficiently than in a conventional settler. Detained precipitate together with previously nitrified napravlyaetsyav drain chamber drive. The deposition of suspended particles in a laminar otstoynikeprotekaet to 4 times more efficiently than in a conventional settler. Detained precipitate together with previously nitrified napravlyaetsyav drain chamber drive. The deposition of suspended particles in a laminar otstoynikeprotekaet to 4 times more efficiently than in a conventional settler.

After laminar block samotekompostupayut clarified effluent in the upper part of the biofilter and evenly distributed vseyploschadi biological loading. At stations implemented Organic tehnologiyaglubokoy biochemical sewage treatment biocenoses attached and free - autotrophic and heterotrophic microorganisms, aerobic ianaerobnyh operating conditions, with automatic maintenance vaerotenke concentration of the activated sludge and primary settler. Also, at the time of distribution of waste vodynasyschayutsya oxygen. A biological filter (biofilter) - structure, in kotoromstochnaya water is filtered through the feed material coated biologicheskoyplenkoy (biofilm) formed colonies of microorganisms. In biofiltreustanovlen aeration member for forced nasyscheniyavody oxygen from air.

In the secondary settling tank occurs uderzhanievzveshennyh laminar particles contained in the effluent, as well as particles detach biomassynaryadu with denitrification processes Photo. High efficiency laminar otstoynikapozvolyaet achieve high cleaning Photo from suspended chastits. Vtorichny aerobic biofilter aerobic treatment process completes Photo idovodit purification to the required metrics. Bioflora secondary biofiltraadaptiruetsya to specific stubborn stains that are in stock. Prisoderzhanii in runoff pollutants decomposition requiring spetsificheskiekultury bacteria secondary biofilter for them settling.

Tertiary laminar clarifier for uderzhaniyaotkrepivshihsya biomass particles from the bioreactor. Further stock enters nasorbtsionny mechanical filter.

In systems with highly efficient konstruktsiyamehanicheskogo sorption filter. Passing through the filter is cleaned water dotrebuemyh performance for suspended substances and mineral oil.

Purified water enters the clear water chamber, wherein the pump high ustanovlenydva - primary and backup organized vgruppu CND. The pumps are running at a time, producing a uniform resource.

The pumps are designed to release purified water from station libopodachi water pressure filter block ultraviolet disinfection dlyadalneyshey processing (optional). Pressure filter zagruzhenspetsialnoy loading Sorbent, which occurs prior to final concentrations doochistkavody values therein corresponding ksbrosu requirements reservoirs fishery. The filter is six - way valve for wash load. rinse moment is determined znacheniyamina filter gauge. After filtration in the pressure water flows into the filter UFlampu for disinfection. UV disinfection allows almost polnostyuunichtozhit pathogens. The bactericidal units primenyayutsyaistochniki continuous UV,

In operation of bioreactors and a spent omertvevshayabioplenka (excess sludge) rinsed off and the body is removed from the biofilter at dnokamery and deposited on the bottom laminar settling. The excess iludalyaetsya via hydraulic sludge collection and return of excess sludge kamerustabilizatsii, where the process of aerobic stabilization of mineralization. Required for biochemical oxygen enters vtolschu process chamber by supplying air through the aerators. Stabilized ilvozvraschaetsya into the receiving chamber of the treatment plant.

The system employs developed and patented gidravlicheskayasistema collection and disposal of sludge. With this system, a station 60 Air MasterPRO implemented self - balancing mechanism for maintaining the sludge in the aeration tank kontsentratsiiaktivnogo - biofilter. Collection and disposal of sludge running subroutine, which takes into account the daily uneven flow proceeds. Sobrannyyosadok enters chamber aerobic sludge stabilization, where it is okonchatelnoerazlozhenie and mineralization.

For messaging and remote control operation ochistnyhsooruzheny and for the timely prevention of emergency situations, equip the system stantsiyuvozmozhno SMS alerts and remote upravleniyarabotoy treatment plants (optional).

General's Characteristics

Maximum volley reset m³ 6.7
Capacity, m³ / day 60
Height mm 2500
The number of users, persons: 300
Weight, kg 5200 (conveying) 55600 (Maximum working)
Area for installation, m² 30.2
Compressors x pumps pieces. 2x2
Photo hourly average flow m³ / h 2.5
Installed power, kW 8.3 / 11.0
Power consumption in kW / h 6.6 / 8.8
Voltage, 380
Recommended settings of the supply electric cable 5h4,0 / 5h6,0
The width of the modules, mm 2160
The number x block length, mm 3/2/4000; 1/5000
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Deep biochemical treatment plant domestic and industrial wastewater Air Master PRO 60
Deep biochemical treatment plant domestic and industrial wastewater Air Master PRO 60
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