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Buy Biostimulator for accelerated decomposition of droppings
Biostimulator for accelerated decomposition of droppings

Biostimulator for accelerated decomposition of droppings

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Russia, Stavropol
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Technical characteristics
  • Country of manufactureRussia
  • Effect of use
  • "Genesis Organic" gives manure additional useful properties and, enhancing the already existing positive qualities of organic fertilizer, helps to eliminate harmful components;
  • The drug helps to eliminate viruses that are dangerous to humans, which may be contained in manure;
  • "Genesis Organic" ensures the elimination of bacteria that cause diseases of crops, in manure or other organic matter;
  • During processing, this additive kills fungal spores and putrefactive bacteria that infect plants;
  • When manure is treated with Genesis Organic, weed seeds that have not been digested by animals are processed into organic matter;
  • "Genesis Organic" destroys the eggs of worms, which have a strong shell and can live for several years;
  • The drug transforms excess ammonia nitrogen, which is especially abundant in poultry droppings and pig manure, into accessible and less aggressive compounds;
  • Microorganisms in the "Genesis Organic" additive process and convert chemical preparations used in animal feeding and processing of livestock buildings into neutral compounds;
  • Special races of bacteria in Genesis Organic contribute to the decomposition of polyethylene and oil products in manure.


The preparation contains lactic acid bacteria Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. Bulgaricus, L. brevis Lactococcus lactis, L. Plantarum, L. Fermenti, Oenococcus oeni and other homoenzymatic and heteroenzymatic species. Also, these bacteria are able to suppress the spread of the fungus Fusarium , which causes diseases in plants.

Yeast is also an integral part of Genesis Organic. This supplement contains ascomycete and basidiomycete yeasts such as Saccharomycotina, Taphrinomycotina, Schizosaccharomycetes, Pucciniomycetes, Sporidiales, Cryptococcus  and others, which feed on amino acids and sugars, which contributes to the destruction of beneficial plant fiber and the synthesis of substances for the synthesis of nutrients.

Genesis Organic contains the most common types of actinomycetes that secrete enzymes (proteases, keratinases, chitinases, lipases, amylases, invertases, etc. ) and promote intensive decomposition of plant and animal residues in manure, droppings or other organic waste (cellulose, lignin, chitin, as well as paraffin, kerosene, wax, resin, asphalt, bitumen, polyvinyl, etc. ). They can also fix molecular nitrogen. Actinomycetes synthesize antibiotic substances that inhibit the growth and development of pathogenic bacteria and fungi. Moreover, they happily coexist with photosynthetic bacteria.

Mushrooms in the "Genesis Organic" preparation are represented by various groups and races of myxomycetes, oomycetes, glomeromycetes, hypochitriomycetes, labyrinthulomycetes, chytridiomycetes and zygomycetes. They actively eat bacteria, especially pathogenic ones (rot, etc. ), increasing the number and composition of useful bacterial flora in organic matter.

Bacteria such as Azotobacter, Clostridium, Beyerinkia and others included in Genesis Organic can fix nitrogen independently of plants.

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Biostimulator for accelerated decomposition of droppings
Biostimulator for accelerated decomposition of droppings
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