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Rigid polyurethane foam PUR

Rigid polyurethane foam PUR

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Rigid polyurethane foam PUR

Rigid polyurethane foam(PUR) is a new kind of heat insulating material in low temperature. It is mainly made of polyether or polyester plus polyisocyanate ester added with flame retardant, stabilizing agent and foaming agent and it changes into foaming body through chemical reaction after mixed and stirred. It has high rate of closed cells and low water absorption.

Because of the foaming agent air with low thermal conductivity in its cells, the rigid polyurethane foam plastic could self-extinguish. As a result, it is usually used in cold insulation and heat preservation in low temperature condition. It has following features: low thermal conductivity, high strength, light weight, quakeproof, insulation, strong floatability, stable chemical properties and convenience in construction. Consequently, it is widely used in industries of petroleum, chemical engineering, ethylene, refrigerated warehouse, food storage, partition wall and wallboard in family refrigerator and architecture industry. It can be made into the form of slab or pipe by factories for prefabrication or be foamed by sprayed or impregnated on site.

Rigid polyurethane foam(PUR) Properties:
1. low thermal conductivity
2. low water-absorbtion
3 .good bond stress to various materials
4 .Its mobility can fill various types of vacant space
5 .good property of fireproofing.

Rigid polyurethane foam(PUR) Technical data sheet:

Item Unit Technical Property
Density kg/m3 30~60
Thermal Conductivity
at Ambient Temp.
W/(m•K) ≤0.023
Compressive Strength at 10%
Relative Deformation
MPa ≥0.2
Tensile Strength MPa ≥0.2
8 hours after Soaking
in Liquid Nitrogen
  No deformation, no crack
Combustibility Oxygen Index   25~30
  Self-extinguishes in 2 seconds
after flame taken away
Water Absorption % ≤5(by volume)
Continuous Service Temp. -100~+100


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Rigid polyurethane foam PUR
Rigid polyurethane foam PUR
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