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Rexroth hydraulic planetary motor

Rexroth hydraulic planetary motor

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Rexroth hydraulic motor --- YLM five-star series to increase the strength of the motor housing, the internal dynamics of the original carrying capacity enhanced with high continuous power range. High mechanical efficiency and volumetric efficiency, reduced internal unit load force, thereby reducing the amount of heat generated and the associated negative effects. Small structures, mainly used in plastics machinery, light machinery, metallurgical machinery, mining machinery, materials handling equipment, heavy machinery, petroleum mining machinery, marine deck machinery, machine tools, plastics, and other geological drilling machinery, hydraulic system planetary hydraulic motor is particularly suitable for winches, mechanical drive spool, a variety of rotary mechanical drive, track and wheel travel agencies and other transmission machinery. In particular change on the rig digging machine

main feature:

1, between the piston and cylinder with a new piston ring closed, no leakage, and therefore have a higher volumetric efficiency.

2, due to the tilt cylinder and piston side force does not exist, as the bottom of the piston hydrostatic balance between the piston and the crankshaft torque is transmitted through the rolling bearing, which has high mechanical efficiency and high starting torque.

3, due to reduced friction losses on the structure and improve the sealing performance, and thus low-speed stability, at very low speed (less than 1r / min) smooth operation, and the speed range, the speed adjustment ratio up to 1000.

4, due to the simple planetary hydraulic motor structure, reasonable design (no link, reducing the radial dimension and weight of the motor, using a load capacity of rolling bearings), which has a small size, light weight, reliable operation, long life and low noise and so on.


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Rexroth hydraulic planetary motor
Rexroth hydraulic planetary motor
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