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Replaceable heads on a mesoscooter

Replaceable heads on a mesoscooter

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Available needles: 0,2 mm, 0,5mm, 0,1mm, 1,5mm, 2,0mm
Photonew mesoscooter Red light Red light gets into biological fabrics on depth of 25 mm, being absorbed in epidermis and actually skin (term). About the 25th falling energy reaches hypodermic fatty cellulose. Red light is absorbed mainly by enzymes (a catalase, ceruloplasmin), and also hromotoformny groups of proteinaceous molecules and partially oxygen. In XVII and Xixvekakh it was used in medicine at infectious diseases (smallpox, measles, scarlet fever). The first attempts of its application in cosmetology are connected with the end of the 19th century when at treatment of eczema of a breast in the red color paid attention to change of turgor of skin which gained gentle-pink color and became satin to the touch. At focal impact on local skin zones red color changes local temperature in the irradiated fabrics, causes expansion of vessels, increase in speed of a blood-groove that is shown by slight hyperaemia. It raises a tone of cross-striped and smooth muscles, stimulates maturing of collagenic structures. The expressed immunity stimulation is noted. Red color intensifies regeneration of the damaged fabrics that is used for faster healing of wound and ulcer defects of skin and mucous membranes It is contraindicated: at feverish states, nervous excitement, the expressed hypostasis and an infiltration of fabrics, nagnoitelny processes.
Blue light Blue radiation completely is late epidermis and dermy. It is selectively absorbed by molecules of pyridinic nucleotides, haemo porphyrine. The subsequent activation of a respiratory chain promotes strengthening of glycolysis and a lipoliz in cages and accelerates bilirubin photodestruction processes that leads to its disintegration to the substances which are easily removed from an organism). Blue radiation slows down psychological activity. It lowers excitability of various nervous educations, slows down the speed of nervous conductivity and possesses the anesthetizing action. Under the influence of blue light there is a considerable lengthening of a hronaksiya of motive nerves. It is the cornerstone of its application at diseases of peripheral nervous system, especially at neuralgic pain syndromes. Possesses antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Characteristics of lengths of waves
1. 633 nanometers of high energy narrow-band red light, healing regeneration acceleration: increase in endurance and resilience of skin promotes a cellular metabolism, fights against visible process of aging 2. 405 nanometers Blue, cold laser the antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, regenerating, clarifying effect, slows down secretion of skin fat, effectively fights against aging manifestations, improves a skin tone
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Replaceable heads on a mesoscooter
Replaceable heads on a mesoscooter
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