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Buy Reed roof (roof) of the arbor home
Reed roof (roof) of the arbor home

Reed roof (roof) of the arbor home

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandReedMasters
  • Country of manufactureUkraine
  • MaterialCane
Reeds used as roofing for quite some time. The flexibility of the material gives unlimited possibilities in design and shape of the roof. Reed roof proven architectural advantages, high performance and attractive appearance. Thanks to modern technology of stacking cane, the popularity of the reed and thatched roofs (roofs), for several years growing steadily in Western Europe and the United States. For manufacturing the roofing reed used specially grown water cane stalks which have high moisture resistance, strength and durability. The thickness of the roof cladding is 30 cm, which allows to dispense with additional insulation of the roof. Reeds, impregnated with a special compound for its fire resistance is not inferior to traditional roof coverings. Thatched roof is not afraid of rain, hail, frost strong and sudden temperature changes. Houses covered with reeds, including those located in the resort areas of the Alps, retain their properties for over 50 years.

About pests:

Rodents are attracted slot. The quality coatings thatched roof no cracks. Rodents do not settle in the densely packed reeds, especially since this vegetation is not to their liking. It should be noted that rodents penetrate more easily into thin asphalt plate than in a thatched roof thickness of 25 - 35 cm. If you did not have such problems with standard roof, the more they will not occur with a reed.

Traditionally, rodents settled in a thatched roof, which were not broken grain, and it fueled them. In addition, before or when the straw is so tightly did not fit as a reed. Especially with current technology.

Birds, just are not a problem - the water rushes too heavy and solidly attached to the birds can pull some stalks.


Beneath the thatched roof is warm in winter, cool in summer, the house breathes and lives in peace and comfort. Under the thatched roof you'll never hear the roar of the rain, you feel the impact of accumulated static electricity as a metal.

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Reed roof (roof) of the arbor home
Reed roof (roof) of the arbor home
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