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Reactant 3-water chemical ferroprussiate

Reactant 3-water chemical ferroprussiate

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Chemical formula: K4 (Fe(CN)6) * 3H2O Synonym: Potassium geksatsianoferroat, Hexacyanoferrate (II) of potassium, potassium ferrocyanide, yellow blood salt International name: POTASSIUM FERROCYANIDE CAS No:13943-58-3 (Anhydrous); 14459-95-1 (Trihydrate) Qualification: Imp. "h", GOST 4207-75 Appearance: crystals of citreous color Ferroprussiate (Geksatsianoferratt (II) potassium, potassium ferrocyanide) — complex K4 ferro-compound [Fe(CN)6] existing usually in the form of K4 trihydrate [Fe(CN)6] · 3H2O. Ferroprussiate - light yellow crystals with tetragonal lattice. Let's dissolve in water, it is practically not dissolved on air, ethanol, pyridine, aniline, ethyl acetate. Potassium geksatsianoferroat diamagniten.
The generic name "yellow blood salt" has appeared because before it received by alloyage of waste from slaughters (in particular, blood) with potash and iron sawdust. It, and also yellow color of crystals, have caused the name of connection.

Now ferroprussiate (Geksatsianoferratt (II) potassium, potassium ferrocyanide, potassium geksatsianoferroat) in the industry is received from the fulfilled weight (contains cyanic connections) after purification of gases on gasworks; this weight process Ca (OH) 2 suspension, filtrate the containing Ca2 [Fe(CN)6], overwork by consecutive addition at first of KCl, and then K2CO3.
It can be also received by interaction of FeS suspension with KCN aqueous solution.

  • Potassium geksatsianoferroat it is applied
  • at production of pigments,
  • silk dyeing,
  • in production of cyanic connections, ferrite,
  • in production of color paper,
  • as component of the inhibiting coverings
  • at cyanation staly, for allocation and utilization of radioactive caesium, etc.
  • in analytical chemistry as reactant for detection of some cations
  • in the food industry potassium ferrocyanide is registered as food additive of E536 interfering caking and balling up, for example as additive to sodium chloride, etc.
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Reactant 3-water chemical ferroprussiate
Reactant 3-water chemical ferroprussiate
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