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  • ManufacturerРостокБио
  • FeedstockRape
  • Country of manufactureBelarus
  • ColorBrown

Rape meal — the type of meal received according to the scheme of forepressing — extraction from previously processed seeds rapsas application of additional moisture - thermal treatment (tostirovaniye).

Colza meal - rich source of mineral substances, such as calcium, iron, phosphorus, manganese, zinc. Also it contains the sufficient content of sincaline, biotin, folic acid, niatsin.

Contains 1 - 5% of fat and to 42% of protein. Rape meal on energy value (10, 4 MDzh of exchange energy) does not concede sunflower (10, 6 MDzh). Protein makes 35 - 43% .

Long ago it is known that in diets for animals the calcium ratio to phosphorus has to be as 1, 2 - 2 to 1. However in the main fodder types of grain and by - products of their processing, on the contrary, phosphorus level by 3 - 8 times exceeds calcium level. It forces to enter chalk, shell rock and other kaltsiysoderzhashchy substances into diets. At the same time, swept, getting into stomach of pigs and birds, sharply neutralizes acidity there that worsens digestibility of nutritive matters and promotes growth of pathogenic microflora in digestive tract. In rape fodder products the calcium ratio to phosphorus makes 0, 9: 1 that allows to reduce significantly input in diets of chalk or shell rock.

Cows digest rape protein worse soy only for 5% , but so best of all sunflower. Replacement of part of sunflower meal rape in diets of cows improves quality indicators of milk: its heat stability increases and acidity is normalized. Researches VNIPTI of colza have shown that for highly productive cows it is possible to enter up to 30% of rape cakes (cakes) into compound feeds, at the same time milk productivity of cows increases by 5 - 16% in comparison with use of sunflower cakes (cakes).

Because the cost of rape meal is 5 times cheaper soy at its rather high fodder advantages, it is widely used in milk cattle breeding of Western Europe and Canada. Besides, by researches of all - union scientific research institute of animal husbandry and many other institutes it is established that in diets of KRS it is possible to replace completely expensive soy meal cheap rape at input of fodder enzymes.

At investigated efficiency of replacement of sunflower meal rape in feeding of broilers, repair young growth and meat laying hens it has been established that average daily gains of live weight at broilers and repair young growth have increased for 10 - 15% , and egg production of laying hens has increased by 11, 2% . Input in compound feeds for broilers of 10 - 15% of rape meal or cake instead of soy meal does not lower intensity of their growth at essential decrease in product cost and increase of profitability of production. When comparing efficiency of feeding have established to pigs of sunflower and rape cakes at the level of 10% of diet that intensity of growth of the animals consuming rape meal exceeded peers for 9% .

At pigs and bird digestibility of protein and comprehensibility of amino acids of rape meal considerably increase at input in compound feeds of fodder enzymes. So, in diets of broilers with additive of fodder enzymes it is possible to enter up to 20% of rape meal into the first period of cultivation and to 30% during the second period that is much higher than the standard norms. Enrichment of diets of pigs fodder enzymes increases digestibility of nutritive matters of forages and, respectively, intensity of growth of animals for 5 - 10% at simultaneous decrease in product cost to 20% .

Long time of forage from colza had limited application in feeding of animals and birds as contained number of anti - nutritive components. Now new grades of colza with the low level of erucic acid (

At the same time on flavoring rape cakes and cakes concede qualities to sunflower. Many researchers note that pigs and bird reduce consumption of compound feeds with rape ingredients by 3 - 5% in comparison with soy. For increase of gustatory and zapakhovy qualities of rape forages it is necessary to use feed additives.

Quality indicator Value
Normative document GOST 30257 - 95
Appearance granulated, scattering
Smell corresponding, specific to rape meal
Color from light brown with greenish shade to dark brown
M of of crude fat in terms of a. s. v. , no more than a % 3
M of of the general ashes in terms of a. s. v, no more than a % 7
M of of moisture and volatiles, % . 8 - 12
M of of crude protein in terms of a. s. v. , not less than a % 37
M of of crude fiber in terms of a. s. v. , no more than a % 16
The general power nutritiousness in a. s. v. , k. a. , not less 1, 06
Country of origin Ukraine

Our company carries out shipments railway transport on the terms of DAP - station of destination, or the motor transport on the terms of FCA Minsk (Incoterms 2010).

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Rape meal
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