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Buy Radio wave high-frequency electrosurgical device Dr. Oppel ST-501 (Sometech)
Radio wave high-frequency electrosurgical device Dr. Oppel ST-501 (Sometech)

Radio wave high-frequency electrosurgical device Dr. Oppel ST-501 (Sometech)

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Radio wave high - frequency electrosurgical device Dr. Oppel ST - 501 (Sometech)

Radio wave high - frequency apparatus for surgery Dr. Oppel ST - 501 with incision accuracy and coagulation quality is higher than with laser therapy.
Device features:
New functional modes (continuous, pulse: 1 sec; ½ sec; ¼ sec; 1/8 sec) allow precise and safe operations.
Bipolar and Monopolar modes (depending on the types of therapy).
High frequency (up to 4 MHz) and power (700 W) ensure the highest possible absence of smoke.
Without heating themselves, the electrodes cause hemostasis, incision and coagulation even with active bleeding.
The depth of coagulation is accurately determined by the electrode.
Due to the low voltage, carbonization and damage to surrounding tissues do not occur.
Radio wave incision and coagulation are performed without deep tissue necrosis that occurs when using low - frequency electrosurgical devices. Since there is no trauma, healing occurs without post - operative pain and scar formation, a characteristic consequence of manual incisions.
Excellent opportunities for coagulation and surgery, not only in abdominal surgery, but also in endoscopic surgery.
Wide range of electrodes (unlimited use).
Areas of use:
conization of the cervix
cervical erosion
removal of genital warts
removal of polyps
removal of cysts
removal of tumors
laparoscopic surgery
hysteroscopic surgery
umbilical cord treatment
bleeding control
vaginoplasty surgery
Proctology / General Surgery
external hemorrhoids
internal hemorrhoids
anal fissures
anal prolapse
periportal concha
circumcision of the foreskin
various surgical procedures
various endoscopic surgeries
Dermatology / Plastic surgery / Urology
removal of nevus and freckles
removal of warts and barley
removal of polyps and warts
axillary osmidrosis (treatment of sweating)
reduction of the masseter muscle
coagulation of varicose veins
coagulation of prostomegaly
face lift
snoring treatment
chronic rhinitis
allergic rhinitis
chronic tonsillitis
chorditis vocalia
nose bleed
exudative otitis media
NS / OS / Removal of pain syndromes
HF diathermy after discectomy
obstructive hydrocephalus
removal of small tumors
varicose veins
colloid cysts
meniscus incision
splitting of the lateral retinaculum
synovial incision
average canthus correction
Specifications Oppel ST - 501
Output power, W:
Monopolar electrode
Average 125 W
Maximum (pulse) 700 W (with a load of 200 ohms)
Bipolar electrode
Average 50 W (at 200 ohm load)
Maximum (pulse) 350 W
Current frequency: 4 MHz
Temporary operating modes: Continuous, Pulse (1, ½, ¼, 1/8) s
Power supply: 100~240V, 50 - 60Hz
Power consumption: 450VA + 10%
Machine weight: 10 kg
Dimensions Oppel: 225x300x155 mm
Type of electrodes:
Series B - hair removal electrodes
Series C - monopolar electrodes in isolation for interstitial coagulation
Series D - Oval Loop Electrodes
Series E - electrodes for coagulation and bloodless cutting
Series F - Conical notch electrodes
G Series - Rounded Electrodes for Thin Tissue Sections (LLETZ)
H Series - Tapered Electrodes for Thin Tissue Sections (LLETZ)
Series I - adapter and cord for bipolar electrodes
J Series - Needle Type Electrodes for Microcoagulation and Spot Cutting
Series K - electrodes of the "circle" type
Series L - diamond type electrodes
M Series - Triangle Electrodes
Series N - oval electrodes
O series - square type electrodes
Series P - bipolar electrodes for coagulation
Series S - extension cords for electrodes
Series T - single - use insulated electrodes for coagulation



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Radio wave high-frequency electrosurgical device Dr. Oppel ST-501 (Sometech)
Radio wave high-frequency electrosurgical device Dr. Oppel ST-501 (Sometech)
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