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Pumps chemical HM type

Pumps chemical HM type

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Pumps chemical HM type

HM — pumps are centrifugal horizontal, monoblock

The pumped-over environment: are intended for pumping of chemically active and neutral liquids with a density no more than 1850 kg/m3 (for the pumps XM32-20-125K — no more than 1500 kg/m3; XM50-32-200, XM100-80-160, XM100-65-250 — no more than 1400 kg/m3; for XM 8/40 no more than 1300 kg/m3), containing firm inclusions up to 0,2 mm in size, volume concentration of which does not exceed 0,1%. Kinematic viscosity — no more than 30x10-6 sq.m / with, with a temperature from -40 °C to +120 °C

Consolidation of a shaft
Double face — the 55 index, unary face — the 5 index, double stuffing — the SD index, unary stuffing — an index "C". Excessive pressure on an entrance to the pump with consolidation "5", "55" no more than 8 kgfs/cm3. "55" and "SD" it is necessary to give to consolidation of a shaft on the canal barrier liquid, neutral to the pumped-over product not being explosive or harmful substance over the fourth class of danger, without mechanical impurity with pressure, exceeding pressure on an entrance on 0,5 … 1,0 kgfs/cm3 in number of 30 … 50 l/h. The size of leak of barrier liquid through face consolidation "5" and "55" to 0,03 l/h. Excessive pressure on an entrance to the pump with consolidation "With", "SD" to 3 l/h. Units can be delivered with double face consolidation and the explosion-proof electric motor which can be operated in explosive and fire hazardous zones of the classes V-Ia, B-Ib, In - Ig, V-IIA, to P-I, P-II according to "Rules of the Device of Electroinstallations" (RDE), for pumping of liquids, couples of which form explosive mixes with air of the categories II-A and II-B, groups T1, T2, T3, T4 in accordance with GOST 12.1.011-78. Need of delivery for the specified execution, and also engine capacity and undercutting of the and or b driving wheel, makes a reservation at the order.

Scope: are intended for pumping of chemically active explosive and flammable liquids at the enterprises of petrochemical and chemical industries.

Symbol: XM32-20-125-K-5, where:
HM — pump type (chemical monoblock);
32 — diameter of an entrance branch pipe, mm;
20 — diameter of an output branch pipe, mm;
125 — the nominal diameter of the driving wheel, mm;
To — a symbol of material of details of flowing part (steel 12H18N9TL)
5 — a symbol of unary face consolidation of a shaft of the pump.

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Pumps chemical HM type
Pumps chemical HM type
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