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Pumps are fecal, type: CM, 2 CM

Pumps are fecal, type: CM, 2 CM

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Belarus, Minsk
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Centrifugal horizontal console one-stage pumps with the driving wheel of the closed type, are intended for pumping of household and industrial waste (fecal) waters and other polluted liquids or clear water with a hydrogen indicator of pH: from 6 to 8.5, density to - 1100 kg/m3, temperature to +90o C, with the maintenance of abrasive particles the size no more - 1% on volume, up to 5 mm in size and microhardness no more - 9000 MPas.

The maximum size of not abrasive weighed particles depends on the section of the flowing channel through passage of the driving wheel of the pump.
CM pumps, 2 CM are used in various industries, agriculture, in systems of the sewerage, water supply and heating.

Pumps 2 CM by the connecting sizes completely correspond to pumps CM and differ only in new geometry of flowing part that allowed to increase efficiency to 60% and, respectively, to reduce the power of the used electric motor. Indicators of a pressure and giving of 2 pumps CM are identical to the corresponding indicators of pumps of the Cm type.

CM 80-50-200/2 CM 100-65-200а/4 CM 125-80-315б/4 2CM 80-50-200/4 2 CM 150-125-315а/4
CM 80-50-200а/2 CM 100-65-200б/4 CM 150-125-315/4 2 CM 80-50-200а/4 2 CM 150-125-315б/4
CM 80-50-200б/2 CM 100-65-250/2 CM 150-125-315а/4 2 CM 80-50-200б/4 2CM 150-125-315/6
CM 80-50-200/4 CM 100-65-250а/2 CM 150-125-315б/4 2CM 100-65-200/2 2 CM 150-125-315а/6
CM 80-50-200а/4 CM 100-65-250б/2 CM 150-125-315/6 2 CM 100-65-200а/2 2 CM 150-125-315б/6
CM 80-50-200б/4 CM 100-65-250/4 CM 150-125-315а/6 2 CM 100-65-200б/2 2CM 250-200-400/4
CM 100-65-200/2 CM 100-65-250а/4 CM 150-125-315б/6 2CM 100-65-200/4 2 CM 250-200-400а/4
CM 100-65-200а/2 CM 100-65-250б/4 2CM 80-50-200/2 2 CM 100-65-200а/4 2 CM 250-200-400б/4
CM 100-65-200б/2 CM 125-80-315/4 2 CM 80-50-200а/2 2 CM 100-65-200б/4 2CM 250-200-400/6
CM 100-65-200/4 CM 125-80-315а/4 2 CM 80-50-200б/2 2CM 150-125-315/4 2CM 250-200-400/6
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Pumps are fecal, type: CM, 2 CM
Pumps are fecal, type: CM, 2 CM
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