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Potash, phosphoric, organic, complex Exzol fertilizer

Potash, phosphoric, organic, complex Exzol fertilizer

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Ukraine, Zaporozhe
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Technical characteristics
  • BrandExzol
  • Country of manufactureUkraine
  • pH12

rn = 12

NPK 0: 20: 40 AM + 8Mg + 15Ca + 8S + Fe + B + Zn + Cu + Mn + Cr + Mo + Co
EXZOL ™ is environmentally friendly, organic, non - chlorine, bezazotisty, granulated complex fertilizer of a phytogenesis, the prolonged action.

- it is convenient in application
- fixes nitrogen in the soil
- provides bystry development of plants
- promotes formation and development of an ovary and fruits
- promotes synthesis of vitamins and sugars
- improves tastes
- enriches with useful minerals
- increases resistance of plants to diseases, decay, droughts, cold weather
- normalizes acidity and structure of the soil
- does not give in to washing away by ground waters
- reduces the content of nitrates in fruits
- reduces accumulation of radionuclides
- does not cause salt burns of plants even if high doses are applied.
The chemical composition -
- K2O potassium of 40% in the form of K2CO3 and K2SO4 is easily acquired by plants;
- % P2O5 20 phosphorus;
- MGO magnesium of 8% ;
- SAO calcium of 15% ;
- SO3 sulfur of 8% ;
- minerals: iron (Fe of 0,15% ), pine forest (B of 0,1% ), zinc (Zn of 0,1% ), copper (Cu of 0,025% ), manganese (Mn of 0,015% ), chrome (Cr of 0,0006% ), molybdenum (Mo of 0,00015% ), cobalt (Co of 0,00004% ).

Existence of these elements does EXZOL™ by complex universal fertilizer for application under all crops on all types of soils. Application on sour soils as it has high neutralized ability (pH 11 - 12) is especially effective. Shows an essential after - effect the next 1 - 2 years.
EXZOL™ is environmentally friendly fertilizer owing to absence in it toxic elements as lead, cadmium, arsenic, fluorine, in comparison with the content of these toxins in traditional phosphoric fertilizers. One more considerable advantage of EXZOL™ that it, unlike many other potash fertilizers, does not contain chlorine allows to bring it under cultures, sensitive to chlorine, such as potatoes, flax, vegetables, berry, fruit, tobacco, etc.
EXZOL™ as the fertilizer containing potassium and calcium reduces accumulation of radionuclides in plants as at a lack of potassium and calcium of the soil of a plant begin to absorb intensively their "substitutes" - caesium and strontium. Besides, at a lack of calcium acidity of the soil increases, strengthens transition of radioactive materials to plants.
The size of granules - 1 - 3 mm (small fraction), it is packed into packages on 2 kg, 50 kg and big - run or at the request of the customer.

Bezazotisty is ideal for EXZOL™ for fertilizer of soils all the year round. It is used to or during crops by distribution of granules in a random way or an embankment in rows or in deepenings in the spring. As EXZOL™ also does not contain chlorine, during the vegetation period when humidity is rather high, it can be used between ranks. In the fall of EXZOL™ use for restoration of soil and under winter.

Is suitable for fertilizer of such plants: Salad, fennel, spinach, basil, cucumber grass, garlic, peas, haricot, beans, rank sowing campaign, chick - pea, early cabbage, cauliflower, ornamental plants, including coniferous trees and green hedge, buckwheat, rye, wheat, oats, barley, water - melon, melon, rhubarb, sorrel, asparagus, onions, tomatoes, pepper, eggplants, cucumbers, pumpkin, flowers,
corn, sunflower, apple, pear, plum, cherry, sweet cherry, apricot, peach, cherry, nut, parsnip, parsley, celery, garden radish, chicory, black and red currant, gooseberry, raspberry, strawberry, wild strawberry, grass (lawn), potatoes, girasol, late cabbage, carrots, beet, garden radish, grapes, etc.

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Potash, phosphoric, organic, complex Exzol fertilizer
Potash, phosphoric, organic, complex Exzol fertilizer
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