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Buy Polyfoam of the M-25 brand from Firm Demeu LLP
Polyfoam of the M-25 brand from Firm Demeu LLP

Polyfoam of the M-25 brand from Firm Demeu LLP

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Kazakhstan, Almaty
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  • BrandТОО "Фирма "Демеу"
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Demeu Firm LLP offers the turned - out qualitative products: M - 25 brand polyfoam


Expanded polystyrene (polyfoam) is received heating by hot steam of small balls of the polystyrene which is filled up in a rigid form. These balls are also called beads. When heating each ball gas which "inflates" each ball is emitted inside. At increase in volume of beads (when heating) balls as if stick together and occupy form volume. After cooling the product is ready.


Polyfoam depending on density is subdivided into the M - 15 brands (density of 11 - 13 kg/cubic meter), M - 25 (density of 16 - 17 kg/cubic meter), M - 35 (density of 26 - 27 kg/CBM) and M - 50 (36 - 37 kg/cubic meter). With growth of density rigidity, material durability grows, the grain size decreases.


Characteristic of polyfoam


· it is ability to formation in irregular shapes;
· high durability on compression at the low density;
· good thermal properties: low specific heat conductivity, low thermal expansion, structural stability in the range of temperatures from - 180 to + 80 degrees;
· low diffusion of water vapor and low water absorption;
· resistance to a wide number of chemical and other environments;
· resistance to biological influence;
· fire resistance;
· polystyrene foam plates, thanks to small weight, are easy - to - use also to processing, are easily cut; building constructions can be stuck together by means of cement, plaster mortars, mastics;
· products are nonpoisonous, have no smell and do not form dust;
· expanded polystyrene is ecologically safe since at production substances and gases harmless are applied to environment and health of the person; products do not contain the chemical compounds of a freon row harmful to an ozone cover.


Main advantages of polyfoam


Polyfoam ― environmentally friendly and absolutely safe material (it is allowed as packing of foodstuff and for production of disposable tableware). Does not emit harmful substances at operation and even at combustion does not form toxic agents;
Polyfoam has very low coefficient of heat conductivity λ = 0,025 - 0,04 W/m of °C depending on brand;
Polyfoam ― material with close pores that provides the minimum moisture permeability;
Polyfoam ― excellent sound - proof material;
Polyfoam ― is the material which is well absorbing energy of blows that allows to use it when packing fragile, vulnerable products (household TV, radio engineerings, furniture, glassware and so forth);
The durability of polyfoam does it suitable for capital building constructions. In correctly made building construction does not change the properties within not less than 50 years;
High mechanical characteristics of polyfoam allow to use it under loading that significantly reduces a total cost of construction (designs of floors, roofs and even a fixed timbering of walls). Has very high density on compression. Is established on a floor under a concrete coupler;
Convenience of work with polyfoam facilitates process of its laying in building constructions (builders will need neither gloves, nor respirators);
Polyfoam is not subject to process of rotting and even possesses antibacterial properties, is chemically resistant to the main alkalis, acids and sea water. Does not experience corrosion.
Polyfoam has the most acceptable cost. Production Kazakhstan, Almaty.

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Polyfoam of the M-25 brand from Firm Demeu LLP
Polyfoam of the M-25 brand from Firm Demeu LLP
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